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Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

Written by: Staff Post on 26/04/17

Weddings! Oh, what a grand time it must be for brides-to-be and their grooms! Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your lives together, a moment in time that’s forever etched in your minds and hearts. If you can only bottle up that very day and ...Continue reading

Home Organization Tip: Creative yet Frugal Ways to Efficiently Store your Makeup

Written by: Staff Post on 24/04/17

Makeup is not just a mere beauty essential. For some, makeup serves as a ‘friend’ when it comes to enhancing one’s natural beauty. It’s something that can help you feel good about yourself and an aid to boost your confidence. No one should feel guilty for falling in love with ...Continue reading

Baby Care 101: To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?

Written by: Staff Post on 21/04/17

Among all the baby care tips available, circumcision is one of the most controversial topics being debated on. For new parents, the mirth and excitement felt when they first held their baby after waiting for nine months could prevail over any worry that they might have had. The fact that ...Continue reading

Vietnamese Iced coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da)

Written by: Guest Post on 19/04/17

The Vietnamese word for coffee is ‘cà phê’, which comes from the French word ‘café’. The French colonists introduced drinking coffee in Vietnam in the late 19th century. Because fresh milk was not available these days the French and Vietnamese drunk their coffee with sweetened condensed milk from a can. ...Continue reading


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