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  • mum planner
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Parenting Like a Millennial Mum

Written by: Katya on 17/11/17

One of the best chick-flicks ever made was “You’ve Got Mail,” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It represents such a capsulated look at what life was like at the very beginning of the phenomenon called email. The heroine was thrilled by the words that greeted her when she opened ...Continue reading

The Cost of Fashion: Negative Effects of Wearing High Heels

Written by: Staff Post on 15/11/17

Wearing high heeled shoes has become a staple fashion for females all across the world. Nothing beats the look of the right pair of heels with the perfect outfit. However, no matter how great you look in them, high heels can cause irreversible changes on your body’s posture as well ...Continue reading

7 Fancy Yet Frugal Last Minute Gift Ideas

Written by: Katya on 13/11/17

This day and age, money is hard to come by so we do our best to save in some areas as possible as we can. Gift giving is one aspect where we can save money. If you have the creativity to think outside the box as well as time to ...Continue reading

Why Making Your Planner Beautiful Isn’t a Waste of Time

Written by: Katya on 10/11/17

Planners are a mum's best friend. It keeps you from forgetting when your kids' recital is or their next doctor’s appointment. It also helps you plan ahead for your family. It helps plot your family schedule such as vacations, work schedule, family reunion, your son’s basketball tournament, and the like. ...Continue reading


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