Easy Tips to Organize your Work Bag (Why we love it and you should, too!)

Written by: Katya on 27/03/17

Obviously, everyone has their own work bags that they carry around on a daily basis to store basic work essentials to help carry-out tasks efficiently and help them get through the day without much hassle. As a work-from-home mum who regularly functions in the comforts of a home office, I ...Continue reading

10 Carry-on Luggage Must-Haves

Written by: Katya on 24/03/17

It is very rare to find a plane passenger without a carry-on luggage. If you consider yourself a frequent traveller, then you know that a carry-on is a definite must-have. Think of it as your life-saver and an essential treasure chest just in case your checked-in baggage goes missing. It ...Continue reading

How to Handle Incoming Mail with Ease

Written by: Katya on 22/03/17

One of the worst nightmares of every homeowner is not being able to manage postal mail once it arrives. Most of us are aware of the fact that unsolicited junk can turn into unwanted clutter. Before getting up and placing your piles of mail somewhere akin to that of a ...Continue reading

Life Updates: Our Son’s 1st Birthday and Christening

Written by: Katya on 17/03/17

I love planning my children's parties even if there is a scarcity of guests since my in-laws and the entire clan live in Melbourne but it's still great since we have a bunch of friends residing in Canberra anyway. The essence behind throwing a spectacular party set-up for our kids ...Continue reading


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