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Miss Jane’s Chicken Karaage Udon (Japanese Soup)

Written by: Guest Post on 27/02/17

This recipe was contributed by Miss Jane, of Melbourne. We have personally tried this recipe ourselves and can proudly attest that it deserves a 5-star rating! It is, indeed,  a hearty, healthy, and delicious dish that can be eaten on its own or served as a side dish. Are you a fan of noodle soup? … Continue reading “Miss Jane’s Chicken Karaage Udon (Japanese Soup)”

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5 Ways Drinking Coffee Can Improve Your Health

Written by: Guest Post on 22/02/17

If you absolutely can’t get going in the morning without a strong cup of coffee, or rely on it like a crutch to make it through the day, you are most likely lacking sleep or an essential component of your diet. After all, nobody is going to mistake coffee for a health super food. However, … Continue reading “5 Ways Drinking Coffee Can Improve Your Health”

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Easy Makeup Tips for Newbies

Written by: Staff Post on 20/02/17

For some, applying makeup is too easy, like they can do it with one hand, eyes closed. For others, however, using makeup is like painting an image – drop it if you don’t have the talent. That could be the reason why there’s this saying, “Don’t worry about me, worry about your eyebrows.” For a … Continue reading “Easy Makeup Tips for Newbies”

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The 10-second Rule: How to Make it Work

Written by: Staff Post on 15/02/17

Here’s the scenario: You are hosting a party at home and in a few hours, guests will start to come over as you celebrate an eventful day for your family. You have everything laid out perfectly – balloons, decors, plates, tables, gift items, and food. The pressure from your preparation starts to abate as you … Continue reading “The 10-second Rule: How to Make it Work”

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How to Organize your Wardrobe

Written by: Katya on 13/02/17

Organizing your wardrobe is one of the most fulfilling tasks you can do around the house. Actually, it’s more of a favor for yourself because as a mum, we know what it’s like not to have ample time to fix our own valuables considering that we have so much to tend to – taking care … Continue reading “How to Organize your Wardrobe”

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6 Ways to Organize your Children’s Toys

Written by: Katya on 10/02/17

One of the many dilemmas of parents is the fact that toys seem to accumulate very quickly as time goes by. The ones your children have outgrown turn into clutter, while the ones they currently play with serve as constant eye-sores around the house. The main solution when it comes to putting an end to … Continue reading “6 Ways to Organize your Children’s Toys”

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Cool Tips on Freezing Food

Written by: Staff Post on 08/02/17

In this modern day and age, most individuals are getting quite busy when it comes to tending to their professional lives and likewise balancing it with other priorities such as quality time with the family and pampering time for themselves. Hence the reality that preparing meals for the entire day has become quite a challenge … Continue reading “Cool Tips on Freezing Food”

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Rainy Day Entertainment for Kids

Written by: Katya on 06/02/17

Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate while listening to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on the pavement. Rainy days offer us a kind of solitude that people usually yearn for and it also helps us reflect on things. However, our young ones do not share these same sentiments. For them, rainy … Continue reading “Rainy Day Entertainment for Kids”

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Mushroom Tofu Sisig

Written by: Katya on 03/02/17

What is sisig? “Sisig” is a Filipino term that means “to snack on something sour.” It originated in the 1970’s through an ethnic group called Kapampangans. The dish mainly consists of boiled pig’s head and ears, then chopped up and fried to a crisp with vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, onions, and “calamansi” (or lemon). … Continue reading “Mushroom Tofu Sisig”

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[FREE DOWNLOADABLES] Valentine’s Day Printables

Written by: Staff Post on 01/02/17

It’s that time of the year once again when love is in the air! However way you want to spend this much-cherished day – be it with your significant other, your mates, or all by yourself in sweet solitude – we must always remember that love should be abound regardless of the occasion. (Because, yeah.. … Continue reading “[FREE DOWNLOADABLES] Valentine’s Day Printables”

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