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No Bake Desserts Everyone On The Table Will Love

Written by: Katya on 20/10/17

In our household, dessert is a must in order to say that a meal is complete. It’s a reward for my nephew every time he finishes the lunch I prepare for him. It’s the sweet treat that my sister needs just after a heavy dinner and it’s my favorite part of every meal. Desserts are … Continue reading “No Bake Desserts Everyone On The Table Will Love”

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Spring/Summer Beauty Tips for the Skin

Written by: Guest Post on 19/10/17

Months of snow, winds, and the cold weather have probably taken a toll on your skin, making it look and feel exhausted, dry, and itchy. If that’s the case with you – we understand your struggle, but trust us – you really don’t have to worry about anything. Here are five useful beauty tips for … Continue reading “Spring/Summer Beauty Tips for the Skin”

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10 Ways to Help Your Husband Keep Stress at Bay

Written by: Katya on 18/10/17

Stress takes such a toll on the body. It can wreak havoc on one’s attention span, energy, and motivation. As women, we may have any number of coping mechanisms (read: chocolate). But what about the man in your life? What does he need when life is stressful and he’s having a hard time keeping his … Continue reading “10 Ways to Help Your Husband Keep Stress at Bay”

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Sniff, Sniff, Good: How to Properly Put On Some Perfume

Written by: Staff Post on 16/10/17

Scent plays an important role in everyone’s life. The aroma of food can signal your mouth to water, the smell of rain can bring back memories, and the scent you put on can mean a lot to the people around you. This is because the sensory part of your brain related to smell is close … Continue reading “Sniff, Sniff, Good: How to Properly Put On Some Perfume”

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Yoplait Petit Miam Review

Written by: Sponsored Post on 13/10/17

Hi, lovelies! We’re so excited to have been chosen to review Australia’s #1 yoghurt – Yoplait Petit Miam. My kids and I are absolute yoghurt fans (considering that it’s a better and healthy alternative to ice cream!) We make it a point to incorporate it to our daily diet given that yoghurt does provide a … Continue reading “Yoplait Petit Miam Review”

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