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Canberra Arts & Crafts Market – A Unique Experience + Haul!

Written by: Katya on 28/06/17

Canberra is known for its bustling sights and cultural diversity.  Matt and I simply love Canberra despite the isolation as everything just seems to be easily accessible. Malls, schools, day care, and all other venues are just too close to home. Among the places we happily go to are the Canberra markets held during special … Continue reading “Canberra Arts & Crafts Market – A Unique Experience + Haul!”

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Getting Your Kids to Bed – Setting a Good Sleep Routine

Written by: Katya on 26/06/17

Sleep is the most impacted part of life when it comes to the arrival of children. Sure, the diapers are numerous, and the baby gear collection taking over the house is a wonder to behold. But it’s the sleep schedule that new parents talk about the most. No two children are alike in their untamed … Continue reading “Getting Your Kids to Bed – Setting a Good Sleep Routine”

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The Top 7 Books You Should Read to Your Kid at Bedtime

Written by: Katya on 23/06/17

Books have such a beautiful way of becoming part of the reader – especially for children. And never are kids so primed for stories as they are before bed! This delightful bedtime tradition of reading stories together is a critical part of the developing imaginations and vocabularies of children, even the ones who have not … Continue reading “The Top 7 Books You Should Read to Your Kid at Bedtime”

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The Complete Guide to Bullet Journaling

Written by: Katya on 21/06/17

“Don’t put the cart before the horse.” This familiar saying sums up many of my experiences when it comes to trying out new planners and organizing systems. As a self-declared organization junkie, I’m all for trying out new productivity apps and keeping up with the latest goal setting and organization tips. However, so many of … Continue reading “The Complete Guide to Bullet Journaling”

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Why Is It NOT a Good Idea to Lose Weight Before the Big Day?

Written by: Katya on 19/06/17

Wedding tips to help you keep track of what’s really important on your wedding to-do list (hint: it should not include “Losing those last pesky 5 pounds”)!

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