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3 Ways you can Repair Broken Things around the House

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 08 2017

You may not notice it, but there is always something to fix or to be mended in your home. Understandably you may not have the time to dive into it, considering you have to juggle your priorities.

You will, however, soon face a dilemma of not being able to allocate enough time to tend to dilapidated things. Toys, chairs, homewares, and even clothes are just some of the little things that get ignored and are eventually thrown out.

Below are a few simple steps to allow you to have more time to fix things rather than just chucking them out in the long run and wasting your hard-earned cash. Why buy something new when you simply have what you already need in front of you, just waiting for your slightest bit of attention and care?

1 - The basics
Acquire a “fix it” box or storage container big enough to accommodate things that are broken such as toys, lamps, chair and table parts, etc. You may purchase a cheap one at any supermarket, or you may also opt to create your own. Make use of old bins, shelves or cabinets, or recycle old boxes where your home appliances came in. Also allocate a compartment for articles of clothing that need mending such as socks, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and more.

2 - The essentials

Have a bunch of nails that come in different sizes so you’ll know which size goes with what type of toy or furniture part. Also have a hammer, adhesives, etc.

Always keep a sewing kit in handy for mending garments. These are extremely cheap and most needles and cheap strings are of good quality. Make sure to keep these tools out of your child’s reach to prevent hazards.

3 - Time management
Allocate a day or two to tend to the “broken things” and “things to mend.” Have an organiser at hand or even a whiteboard to remind you of your to-do’s. This is a very easy way to organise your tasks for the week and is very efficient as well. If you find the job boring (that’s why you keep putting it off), make it more enjoyable by watching TV or playing some music.

There are various ways how you can mend broken things around your home. We would love to hear your awesome home organisation techniques! If you have DIY fix your home stories you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section below!