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4 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

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Posted on March 12 2018

Why do girls wear makeup?

Have you ever asked yourself such question while looking at glossy magazines with pictures of women who look immaculately gorgeous?

Some girls are gurus in this department who knows everything about makeup and beauty tips like the back of their hands. Others, however, seem to need no effort and still look cute with mere lip and cheek tint. For those who just don't possess the skill, they should ever be thankful for the "No makeup look" trend!  

Whether you're a beauty guru or a makeup newbie, dolling yourself up is more than what meets the eye. It's not just about looking good, it does give that certain boost of confidence to women. However, the key is knowing your preference and what will work for you.

In this article, we'll see one of the most common concerns a lady will have to come across to once she starts wearing makeup - how not to look older than her actual age.

Let's face it, applying makeup is a two edged sword. The right one can make you look fresh and beautiful whereas the wrong one can make you look outdated and add years to your face.

Here are some beauty tips to remember when using makeup.

 basic makeup tips


Don't skip foundation. Although it is true that packing on makeup can make you appear older, there are essentials you just couldn't skip such as foundation. The perfect foundation might just become your best friend! Look for something that's sheer and translucent as it can liven up your face and correct skin issues such as shiny, dull, or ruddy. When trying out a foundation, wear it for a few hours and then check how it settles in natural daylight. Go for it if it looks natural.


Beautiful makeup looks will always have one thing in common - perfect eyebrows! However, as women age, their eyebrows like their hair can thin, go pale and sparse. Don't skimp on eyebrows. Give yourself the youthful lift by keeping your eyebrows well-defined and well-shaped. So how do you give some oomph to a meager brow? Use eyebrow pencil in the colour that is lighter than your natural hue and then fill your brows in with quick and short strokes. Blend and soften the colour using a brow brush and then keep it in place using a clear brow gel.


If you think that putting blush on the apples of your cheeks is a basic makeup tip, then it's time to think again. It can actually run the risk of clown-like rounds of makeup which is far from flattering. Also, don't apply your blush-on too far below your cheekbones as it'll pull down your face and make you look jowly. The correct way is to brush it sparingly and make it appear like a natural blush.

When choosing a shade, make sure it's harmonious with your lip colour. Fair-skinned and medium skin toned women look best in peaches and rosy pinks while those with darker complexions should go for oranges, corals, bronzes, and berries.

 basic makeup tips

Eyeshadows and Lashes

If you want to look younger and glowing, a beauty tip to live by is to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. But you have to be careful about choosing eyeshadows - always go for more subtle shades like brown and navy. Also, don't forget to frame your eyes with lush eyelashes!

Speaking of which, when applying mascara, never pump the wand in the base because this will introduce air into the product and will make it clumpy. Dab its tip on a tissue to remove any excess to avoid the smudges it leaves under the lids. A simple trick to remember is to wiggle the wand back and forth from the roots to the tips instead of just swiping it directly to your lashes.

There could be 101 reasons why girls wear makeup. Since this routine has become a constant part of our lives, keeping these beauty tips in mind can help us put on our makeup right and good all the time.

What's your go-to makeup look? We'd love to know, do leave us your comments below.