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5 Adorable DIY Bookmark Ideas

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Posted on March 26 2018

5 Adorable DIY Bookmark Ideas

Bookworms, DIY fans, and planner advocates have one thing in common - their love for bookmarks!

Do you remember how you giggled and squealed every time you see this cute little piece of novelty at school supplies or craft store? And since you couldn't get enough of it, you have made yourself a hoarder, proud and all too happy with your collection of the best bookmarks!

Let's face it, the reason why you went all too giddy was likely because most of the store-bought bookmarks aren't that extra so when you see one that's super cool and cute, you jump on it in a heartbeat!

What's your kind of best bookmark ideas? What if you can make them yourself because, hun - you can!

Whether you're a planner lover, a craft enthusiast, or a certified bookworm, you're sure to love these DIY bookmark designs!

Heart-shaped Paperclips

Add a sweet trinket to your pages or when you need to leave a note around by turning this simple staple into something extra! Use your spare paperclips, the jumbo ones are more ideal and as for the colour, go for whatever you like. Once you're ready, all you need is to bend it at the midpoint and that’s it - done!

We got this cute bookmark idea from How About Orange.

Dressy Bookmark

What you need:

  • Cotton Fabric 7.5 * 11 cm
  • Felt fabric with thickness of 1 mm Hard 7.5 * 11 cm
  • Thread for embroidery floss
  • Satin ribbon
  • Elastic band 30 cm
  • Needle
  • Cute button
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive


How to:

  1. Draw a template of a dress and then cut it out and trace the dress on the felt fabric using a pencil.
  2. Cut out the felt dress template and trace it onto a cotton fabric using a pencil.
  3. Cut the cotton dress shape.
  4. Sew the 2 pieces together but stop stitching at the waist of the dress.
  5. The waist part is reserved for the ribbon. Should you want to skip the belt, just stitch continuously until all the seams are covered.
  6. If you choose to add ribbon, wrap it around the waist, bending the edge of the ribbon on the wrong side and then glue using an adhesive. Continue stitching until you reach the collar.
  7. Take the elastic band or gum, cut out the 30cm and then sew together or tie a strong knot.
  8. Glue the elastic band to the center of the dress and press until it dries.
  9. Continue the stitching until all the seams are covered.
  10. Sew the button at the centre of the satin ribbon.

This bookmark design is from Guidecentral English.


A cup of hot coffee or tea is the perfect company for almost everything! Wouldn't it be nice to have a bookmark of your favourite drink?

Gather the stuff below and you'll have about 3 cute cups with hanging tea tags in just an hour or so.

Gift bags (Old or used. You can also use other kinds of paper, but gift bags are a better option since they're coated so they are more durable and heavier. Plus, they come with nice designs and patterns!)

  • Glue stick
  • Marker
  • Yarn or crochet thread
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Utility knife
  • White glue
  • A cutting mat or old magazine (just so you have something to cut on)
  • Ruler (to be precise)


Find the full step by step tutorial here.

Bookmark Pals

A bookmark pal is basically any design, icon, or shape you like, made from the edges or corner of a felt fabric. You will also need a scissor, sewing or embroidery thread, and a needle. This bookmark making project is pretty easy. All you need is to cut off two corners of the felt fabric, sew them together leaving the top open, and then that's it - make it into whatever you like!

Isn't it such a cool bookmark idea? This one is from Wake and Whimsy, by the way.

Popsicles & Pompoms

If you're a fan of all things cute, then these two is a winning combo!

What you need:

  • Popsicle Sticks (you can also use the jumbo plain ones)
  • PomPoms of different colours and sizes
  • Glue
  • Any decorations (beads, washi tapes, googly eyes, construction paper, string, etc.)


How to:

If you are using plain popsicle sticks, decorate them first using markers or washi tapes. You can go minimalist, colourful, or you can even add some glitter! When done, all you have to do is glue the pompoms onto the end of the stick and then decorate it with whatever you have at hand - googly eyes, beads, ribbons, strings, etc.

This bookmark idea is from Learn Create Love.

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you get to enjoy making your own bookmarks!

Do you love sprucing up your planners with DIY bookmarks? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we’d love to see your creations.