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5 Washi Tape Craft Decor Ideas That Wow!

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Posted on May 07 2018

If you're into crafting, scrapbooking, DIY stuff, and planning, then you've probably been wading the internet for craft decor and DIY ideas to spruce up your projects. And there are lots, in fact, so many that sometimes it becomes confusing.

In terms of tools and accessories, most of them are fun and cute of course, but it is also important to recognise which ones are legit from the stuff that won't just do it for you.

What are your DIY and craft arsenal essentials? Let's be real, there's nothing quite as versatile as our beloved Japanese craft tape more popularly known as washi tape. This colourful little trinket has this magical charm that seems to make everything turn into the cutest thing in the world!

So let's roll out some of the most adorable ways to decorate using washi tapes that will make you say, "WOW!".

Washi Tape Wrapper

You will need:

Washi tapes in your preferred colours and patterns

White printer paper

Colour printer with scan functions

How to:

  1. Gather your washi tapes and create a design such as strips, houses, starbursts, and stripes all over a piece of printer paper. Since washi tapes are removable and reusable, you can actually peel the tape off the paper and reuse them for other designs. Of course, the stickiness of the washi tape wanes down everytime you unstick and restick it.
  1. Make as many copies of your designs using the colour copy function of your printer. The good thing about scanning and saving copies is that it allows you to print out more wrappers should the need arise.
  1. Once your wrapping papers are ready, you can use the washi tapes to decorate blank shipping tags and also to seal the gift as you wrap. Finish your parcel with a ribbon or a twine for a personalised gift for your loved ones!

Credits: Poppytalk

Washi Tape Twist Ties

Here's another clever gift wrapping idea using washi tapes.

What you need:

Copper or silver wire

Washi  tapes

How to:

  1. Cut about 5" length of wire and then straighten it out as much as possible, making sure to remove any kinks out.
  1. Cut off a washi tape about 2" longer than the wire. To hold it face up on your working table, turn back a little at each end.
  1. Place and stick the wire along the center of the washi tape while keeping it as straight as possible.
  1.  Stick another length of washi tape over the wire, facing the other piece of tape. Make sure the two pieces are aligned as much as possible.
  1. Using a scissor, cut at one end and voila - your twist tie is ready!

Credits: corrinawraps

Doll Up a Blank Wall

A blank, boring wall is another opportunity to show your creativity using washi tapes. Create a faux headboard such as the picture below from Martha Stewart and turn an otherwise boring bedroom wall into something quirky and fun!

Staircase Makeover

If you like your staircase to look colourful and extra but you don't want to use carpets for reasons, this craft decor idea is perfect for you! However, take a good look at your interior first and make sure to only choose the washi tapes that will complement the look. You don't want it over the top nor appear sloppy.

Washi Tape Bookmarks

What you need:

Washi Tape

Used envelopes


How to:

  1. Cut the corner of an envelope off to form a triangle. Make sure to cut it correctly so as to form a little triangle pocket.
  1. Cover the triangle with washi tapes.
  1. Once your triangle pockets are covered, cut off the excess decorative tape.
  1.  Flip over to the other side and repeat steps 2 and 3.  

Now you just have to grab your planner or a good book to read!

Images from Pinterest

Indeed, washi tapes are the perfect go-to material for all your craft and planning projects! A single roll of washi can transform anything plain to fabulous! So the next time you find yourself wondering how to use your washi tapes (that's probably just sitting pretty on your craft table), just pick up a roll and start creating - your imagination is the only limit!