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7 Childproofing Tools that can help keep your Sanity Intact!

Katya Bowd

Posted on December 19 2016


7 Childproofing tools that can help keep your sanity intact!

One of the many things mothers do is this… When you’re living in a household with kids, you want to make sure that your home is an environment that is safe for your children and is also a place where you can relax and spend time with your family.

A friend once told me that the moment a woman becomes a mother, “motherly paranoia” kicks in many different ways. You wake up in the middle of the night just to make sure that your infant is still breathing, if she needs to have her milk, or if she needs a nappy change. The sight of a tiny mosquito makes you leap off the bed and frantically search for that mosquito net like a madwoman just so your bub doesn’t get bitten in her sleep. You think twice – and hard – before purchasing something out of a makeup catalog and think of all the baby stuff you can buy for the price of one measly designer lipstick. In short, you begin to put your child’s needs and safety before your own. I’m sure that many mums out there can attest to this.

When my firstborn was growing up (specifically before she could crawl), I began my quest to find the best tools and methods to childproof our home. Of course, I didn’t have to go full on with the childproofing tools as she always had someone with her while I was working my heart out as a freelancer in my home office. When we moved to Australia right after my second child was born, it was an entirely different scenario. No aunts or uncles to help me out, no siblings, no house help – nothing. Of course, my husband Matt would help out in any way he can after work, but I had the kids all to myself during the mornings and afternoons (weekends excluded) and I knew that one of the things that would help keep my sanity intact and paranoia at bay would be to childproof the house. (I’d have visions of myself putting our now 7-month old boy, Taj, to sleep while Kaela, our 3-year-old, would wreak havoc in the kitchen, opening drawers, and diddle with knives and other sharp object like toys!)

So, about our home… We live in a beautiful, one floor, gated rental property in Canberra. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, laundry room, and a kitchen. All areas in the house consist of large glass windows. The first two rooms overlook a spacious front lawn, while the 3rd overlooks the backyard. A sliding door located at the kitchen and dining room area gives you instant access to the barbecue spot and backyard. The house may seem average-sized, “compact,” and perfectly conducive for kids, but believe me, it isn’t 100% childproof.

Without further ado, here is a list of the childproofing tools that we currently use (we purchased most of these from eBay and Babies ‘r Us)

1. Outlet Plugs. These are basically used for the obvious reason of preventing your child from sticking their hand or any object that can conduct electricity into power outlets. We have these all over the house except for the office area which is currently inaccessible for kids. :)

Outlet plugs for childproofing

. Refrigerator Latch. When Kaela learned to open fridge doors resulting in a massive mess in the dining area, we decided to order the latch ASAP. Eventually, she stopped doing it after many times of teaching her not to; so we just took it off.

3. Secure-a-locks. These come in two types. The first one is for closets or cabinets that have wide gaps between the handles, and the other one is for those with tinier gaps.


4. Angle lock. For drawers without handles, the angle lock is a must. It works perfectly with my bedside table which now stands beside our baby trolley. The secure lock makes it impossible for tiny fingers from getting caught or diving into your possessions.

Angle lock for childproofing

5. Sliding closet door lock.Even with the front door locked, our tot still manages to scurry to the backyard without supervision. This sliding door lock is the ultimate lifesaver! Just peel off the adhesive at the back then stick it 1-2 inches away from the end of the sliding door when fully closed. Make sure that the distance is unreachable for kids. To open the door, just press down the two sides of the lock that are sticking upward, then slowly slide the door. This would work perfectly on sliding closets too.

Sliding closet door lock for childproofing

6. Kiddie barricade. Our kitchen is connected to the dining area – which means “easy access to utensil drawers.” At first, I would use our portable clothes hanger as a makeshift barricade until the actual barricade we ordered online arrived. We didn’t purchase the type where you can screw in the frame to the walls due to tenancy agreements. This is just appropriate and easy to transport too.

Safety gate for childproofing

7. Extension plug hider. Not sure what the appropriate term is but we got this one from IKEA. It hides the sockets of an extension cord and makes the danger unnoticeable.

There you have it, mums! I’m excited to know how you’ve child-proofed your homes (or what your home organisation styles are) and maybe pick up some tips and ideas from you too! Hit me up on the comments section below.

‘Til the next post!


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