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7 Tips to Make your Family Travels Worry-free

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 01 2017

Going on a long road trip with your kids may be a fun and exciting adventure for them. Travelling allows them to explore and discover new experiences that are far different from their familiar environment.

However, there are also the common ups and downs involved that every parent is bound to face during such escapade. Kids basically have short attention spans, so it is important to keep them entertained and comfortable all throughout the whole ride.

1 - Bring the small comforts of your home into your own car. Sitting in one position may be extremely uncomfortable for adults and an extreme torture for your little ones. Make sure to bring pillows and thick blankets if needed to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

2 - Bring finger food. They are healthy and nutritious sans the high sugar content. Sugar has the tendency to make children hyperactive thus making the whole trip chaotic for the driving parent.

3 - Turn up the radio and play kid-friendly songs. Allow them to sing along or sleep to subtle lullabies.

4 - Brace yourself for inevitable mess. It is highly recommended that you bring some paper towels and wet wipes. Younger kids are yet to develop the concept of cleanliness, so you cannot really blame them for dropping an ice cream cone on your newly washed seat covers or milk on their clothes. Instead of scolding them, just take out some towels, clean up, and continue on your journey.

5 - Prior to going on a trip, let your children pack their chosen activity kits. Remind them that there is very limited room in the car, so they should opt to pack smaller things. Allow them also to take their portable video games, cameras, and sketch pads along.

6 - Bring your own activity kit so the whole family can play during small stop-overs. Play a game of catch with frisbees or baseballs and let your kids get some physical exercise. This enables the child to freshen up, use the toilet, and use up some of his pent-up energy.

7.- While cruising down the road, point out attraction spots to the kids. Share your knowledge or trivia about a certain place. This will not only be another way to educate your children but is also a good way to keep them from getting bored and feeling unpleasant during the long trip.

Travelling is one of the ways your family can bond. All of you are experiencing new things in a new place, and the fun memories will always be cherished. Be sure to take note of the tips above to make your family travels stress-free and enjoyable. How do you make your travels less stressful? Let us know in the comments section below!