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A Mother’s Life Made Easy – Baby U Goat Milk Wipes Product Review

Katya Bowd

Posted on July 04 2017


(A huge shout out to Nice Pak for providing us with their awesome products to try out! You can visit their website at

The all mighty wet wipes! It has saved me countless of times. The only thing that will get you through the battle of removing dirt and grime from your kid’s bottom are wipes! However, not all wipes are created equal. Some dry up fast, others contain chemicals that irritate and dry out your baby’s sensitive skin, while most are not 100% biodegradable. Mumsy & Bub has discovered a great brand that isn’t only great for your baby’s skin but also totally eco-friendly and it’s called Baby U Goat Milk Wipes.

These wipes are enriched with goat milk and are great for your baby’s pristine skin. The pH of the wipes is close to our skin’s natural pH thereby reducing any chemical reactions that may take place on the skin. The wipes contain Shea butter which is an organic emollient from a shea plant which a natural moisturiser that locks in the moisture in the skin. This prevents your baby’s skin from drying out. The wipes are also enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E, and olive oil which has healing properties and is good for the skin. The goat’s milk property also adds essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and selenium, these nutrients help in sloughing off dead skin cells, and helps in hydrating the skin as well as keeping it bright and lively; perfect for your baby! The wipes are paraben and alcohol-free, thus reducing toxic products that come into contact with your baby’s skin. Baby U Goat Milk Wipes are also 100% biodegradable; which means that your wipes will decompose. This is a great way of giving back to the environment.

Other benefits noted by some of those who have tried, tested, and loved these goat milk wipes is the type of material used to create the wipes. The sheets are a lot thicker, stronger and larger than the standard wipes on the market; and besides, unlike some other wipes, Baby U Goat Milk wipes aren’t too wet; just the right amount of moisture to efficiently clean whatever there is to wipe and clean! Even when stored for a long time, when you open one up, it doesn’t dry out. This is great for storage because there are times when you can leave you the flap of your baby wipes packaging thus running the risk of drying it out and making it pointless to use on your baby.

These wipes are also unscented, which makes this product great for your baby since it is hypoallergenic. If your baby has sensitive skin or has any skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, using wipes with scents or alcohol will cause irritation and can exacerbate their condition.

When it comes to baby products, it’s always nice to give a shout out especially to the one that makes your life and your baby’s life so much easier. Being a mother is tough and crazy, but it is beautiful as well as you get to experience all the bumps and humps along the way.

We highly recommend this product for your baby’s needs. Let us know how you find these Baby U wipes in the comments section below!