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Baby Shower Party Planning Checklist

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Posted on January 17 2017

If you’re a soon-to-be-parent, you probably must be so excited about the coming of your little bundle of joy into the world. What better way to celebrate this momentous time in your life than to throw an awesome baby shower in preparation for the birth of your young one.

Planning a baby shower is an easy and fun way to gather friends and loved ones who will be playing their own roles when it comes to fostering the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of your child.  

Here are a few simple tips to help you plan this special event:

1 – First and foremost, if you think planning everything on your own seems a bit overwhelming, you may want to seek assistance from your partner, a close friend, or relative. On the flip side, if you think you’re just fine and can manage everything solely, let’s proceed to the next step then!

2 – Write a list of people you want to invite. Before, baby showers were looked upon as a “females only” event. Nowadays, men may also be part of the guest list. Nonetheless, it’s up to the new mum if she wants to have the guys at the party or not. Upon making the list, make sure that you have each person’s contact details such as their phone numbers, email addresses, and physical mailing addresses.

3 – Set up your registry with a couple of stores. There are stores who give out free gifts once you register with them, so make it a point to do so.  

4 – Think of baby shower themes. List a few options then pick the one you like best. The decorations and other ornaments for the party will fully depend on the theme that you have chosen. Also, plan the appropriate menu to be served to the guests.

5 – Decide on the time and place where the event will be held. This could be in a rented hotel room, the new mum’s abode, or a mere outdoor cookout at the park or backyard.

6 – Send out the invites a couple of weeks before the shower. Make sure that the invitations are associated with the theme you’ve chosen. Also, don’t forget to indicate these important things on the invites: the date, the venue, the time, attire, theme, directions to the venue, RSVP, etc.

7 – A party wouldn’t be fun and lively without activities, so make sure to come up with fun games and activities that your guests could participate in. Browse online for famous baby shower games. Don’t forget to have a sound system at the party too.

By the way, have you tried throwing a baby shower party for someone? Your best friend’s or sister’s perhaps? We love to hear how it went. Let us know in the comments section below!