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Beauty Tips to Reduce the Size of Your Pores For Flawless Skin

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Posted on November 20 2017

One thing that I really love about Koreans except for their amazing taste in fashion is their beautiful, flawless skin that looks like they don’t have pores at all. However, don’t be fooled. Pore size isn’t determined by what you eat or what you put on your skin. It all comes down to genetics. Some people are born with smaller pores while others with not so small pores. Pores, however, look larger when they are filled with dirt, dead skin, and oil. These pores then become a healthy haven for bacteria that will cause pimples. Although your pore size won’t change no matter what you do, you can still do something to clear it from dirt and make it appear smaller. Here are some simple beauty skin tips to make your pores look clearer and your face more flawless.

CLEAN YOUR FACE (facial wash with exfoliating acids)

Gunk and dirt fill up your pores and make them look bigger than they actually are. A beauty tip for your face is to regularly cleanse it every day. Buy cleansers in your regular pharmacy that’s non-comedogenic and contains exfoliating acids like salicylic or glycolic acid in order to slough off the dead skin layers of your face. This will help clear up your pores in no time.


If you’re not living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of pore strips. These little tapes were said to be designed to remove your blackheads by allowing the adhesive tape to draw out the dirt and gunk from the pores. Too good to be true? Well you better believe it because these things actually work. This simple tip for flawless skin is just what you need to have blackhead free face. Just slab some of this on your nose and other blackhead rich areas then strip it away like ripping off a band aid.


You may think that getting heat facials and applying some heat generating facial masks is counterproductive to achieving smaller pores because heat opens them up more. But heat-like steam facials help soften up dead skin layers of the skin and will assist in clearing up your face from dirt and debris. Apply some self-heating creams to your face at least twice a week to reap the benefits for softer and fresher looking skin.


Sun damage is one of the main perpetrators for old and saggy skin. They’re also responsible for larger pores because they cause irreversible damage to the collagen in your skin. Collagen helps support your skin (especially the areas around the pores), giving it a more youthful looking skin. Apply some retinol to your skin in order to help restore the collagen. This beauty hack for your skin will also help in quickening the dead cell turnover of your skin’s surface so it will help in renewing your skin, giving it a cleaner and youthful looking glow. Also, prevent further skin damage by regularly using sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.


Like how clay soil absorbs water fairly quickly, clay masks absorb all the impurities and oils from your skin. This will deeply clear out your pores as well as tightening your pores, making them smaller and less prone to have invading bacteria. This simple beauty tip is effective in order to achieve smooth and flawless skin.


Larger pores give out more oil so a smart way to fight off oil and prevent the clogging of pores is to use makeup products that give your face a matte finish. These products absorb the excess oils off your skin and will clear out your pores.


Another way to protect your skin from clogged pores is to use primer before applying foundation. The primer will seal up your pores and will prevent the foundation, blush, bronzers, highlighters and other makeup from collecting inside your pores. This will prevent the orange peel looking finish that people have when they don’t prime their face.


Piling on makeup product after another makeup product will not help you with clearing out your pores. These products will just end up collecting inside your pores and will get stuck there along with your natural oils, dead skin, and other dirt from the environment. Instead of packing on tons of foundation, go for a more natural look to beautiful skin with tinted moisturiser instead. This is not too heavy on the face, making you look less cakey and dewy but will still help you cover up some of your blemishes. Go for a lighter and fresher look and you’ll look much better in the long run.


I can tell you all these beauty tips and hacks but nothing beats the opinion of a dermatologist to help you have clearer skin and tighter pores. Visit a skin specialist when you have the time and consult them regarding the best treatment that suits your skin. They alone can see if you have a slight allergy to certain substances that can affect how your skin looks. Also, they can prescribe the right topical creams and retinoids to get your skin look fresh and flawless.

These tips are important in ensuring your flawless and poreless looking skin. Try them out and let us know what you think in our comments section below. Also, if you have other natural beauty hacks for beautiful skin, feel free to let us know in our comments section as well!