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Braving the Winter with these Life-saving Layering Tips

Staff Post

Posted on July 04 2017

Joints are painful, your skin is chapping, all dry crevices of your body end up hurting because of how dry it is, it’s hard to even move due to the cold. Sounds familiar? Well, my friend congratulations! You’ve reached winter! However, if you’re not prepared, this season can be the absolute worst. It’s the time of hypothermia, frost bites and an OOTD that looks more like Olaf than the glamorous Elsa (cue in Demi Lovato singing Let it Go). However, this season doesn’t have to be the lock yourself inside or the look like the Michelin Man season. Here’s a simple guide on how to layer your winter clothes smartly and effectively and still look like the stylish mom you are!


The base layer is your shield from the moisture during winter. Remember, when there’s moisture on the surface of your skin, it evaporates out of your body to provide a cooling effect. You don’t need anymore cooling during winter. Add that to that fact that you are prone to being soaked in moisture during the winter because snow is just frozen raindrops and winter is a humid season. All of this combined with your sweat is just a recipe for potential hypothermia.

So protect yourself from this by adding some base winter clothing like long underwear, thermal insulators, silk undies, etc. This is the layer that provides extra warmth as well as moisture control to your winter wardrobe.


Now that you have your base covered, it’s time to add your middle layer, a.k.a the fluffy, cozy sweater layer that keeps all the heat in so you won’t freeze to death layer. Here’s the layer where you can let your style shine through! Get your winter clothes ready and start mixing and match! Why not wear some winter dresses made of fleece, socks that have adorable patterns on them, or pullovers that are cute and comfy? Be sure to wear pants that are thick enough (but still stylish enough) for the season (those opaque tights won’t provide ample warmth – you can use them as base layers). Another tip would be to add a cute skirt on top of your skinny jeans to add extra warmth and style to your look.


Like the turtle with its tough shell exterior and the scary looking guy from the gym with a heart of gold, the outer shell of your winter outfit is for protection from the harsh environment of winter. It’s where winter coats and bibs come in. These bubble coats and winter jackets act as wind breakers and defenses from torrential rain and snow which can be absorbed by the middle layer. Do not forget to add this layer to your overall ensemble to complete your winter armor! You won’t regret it.


Like all things, the small details make all the difference when it comes to your outfit. The accessories add, not just additional warmth to your extremities, but also style to your overall winter look! I mean, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to give up your fashionista lifestyle. Go for those knee-high winter boots (if they look good on you) to add extra coverage to your legs. They will make you feel sexier and warmer during the winter. Also don’t forget to add fashionable scarves, gloves, and knitted hats to your OOTD. They will not only look great but feel great as well!

Hopefully, this guide provides you with great advice and insight on how to properly layer during the winter season as well as give you hope that you can still be chic even during winter! Layering smart means you don’t have to keep piling on everything you have in your closet and ending up looking like a marshmallow after.

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