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Choosing the Right Colours for Your Wedding

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Posted on March 31 2017

What comes to mind when you hear the word wedding? A beautiful bride walking down the aisle, eyes getting misty, and heart bursting with delight as she catches the gaze of the man she loves. A groom standing a few feet away with icy feet and fidgety hands, all too excited and very much happy. Weddings are fairy tales come to life. Well, yes – in a perfect world. But in reality, weddings and everything about the celebration takes a lot of time, planning, and effort from everyone involved. Without valuable wedding planning tips from well-meaning friends, wedding planners, and of course, the internet, it is safe to say that weddings can also spell out stress, headaches, and even a fair share of heartaches.

One of the major concerns for brides-to-be is choosing the right wedding colours. Why? Because the right palette does so much to the overall look and feel of the entire celebration. You want it nothing short of perfect, at least pleasing to the eyes as it is the first thing that your guests will notice as they step in the venue. Besides, colours evoke emotions, it can make you feel things. Aside from making your guest fall in love, wouldn’t it be nice to share tiny bits of your love story through colours? Another important thing about choosing the right wedding colours is because it is such a big design hurdle, it hugely impacts pretty much everything – from decors, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and dresses for the event. Failing to choose the right wedding colours is like having a beautiful subject for a painting without the perfect backdrop to turn it into a masterpiece.

So how do you choose the right hues and tints? The answer is simple: Brainstorm.

If you happen to read a lot of wedding planning tips, you will notice one important reminder – NEVER choose a colour just because it is your favorite. Alright, don’t frown just yet! :) It is totally understandable to be biased and vie for your favourite colour, it is your day after all! However, keep in mind that there are other factors that should be considered like time, weather, and location; it will be rough around the edges if these factors do not compliment well and flatter each other.

One of the most effective wedding planning tips for couples is this – close your eyes and envision your wedding. Forget the wedding pictures you’ve seen in magazines, the wedding scene from your favorite movie, forget what your family, friends, and other people’s idea of a perfect wedding. Think of your own wedding. Transport yourself to the very day. What does it feel? What kind of music is playing? Feel the vibe. Do you feel the morning breeze blowing your hair or do you see yourself under the stars? What words come to mind when you describe your wedding? These associations will help you conjure the right colour ideas for your big day.

Still having a hard time deciding which colours?

The team at Mumsy & Bub would love to help you face this new chapter in life. As promised, we want to constantly come up with ideas and tools that will allow our friends to be equipped and well-informed before making a certain decision. As such, here’s “An Epic Guide in Choosing a Wedding Motif” that you can download for FREE. Aside from the guide, the set also includes a collection of beautiful quote cards and a sticker set for your planner.