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Colourful Owl Stickers

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Posted on May 15 2018

Whether you're a stationery fanatic, a certified planner nerd, a bullet journal enthusiast who loves to add doodles, or simply someone who just want to keep a weekly agenda, you can always add some excitement to your spreads with both functional and decorative stickers!

Speaking of which, you can't go wrong with adorable stickers! This week's freebie is a bunch of colourful owl stickers for your calendar, to-do lists, menu planning, books to read, payday reminder, or anywhere you'd like to add a bright pop of colours and fun! This deco sheet also makes a lovely addition to your happy mail, notebooks, diaries, penpal swaps and more!

We've always been fascinated by these interesting and clever little fellows whose presence and vibe inspire discipline, meticulousness, and focus.

We encourage you to download this freebie today and since this is a digital file, you can keep the template in your folders and print it at home as often as you like.

For best output, please make sure to open the PDF file via Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar program and set it to its actual size or scale it to 100% before printing.

We hope you find these cute bunch helpful and love them as much as we do!

Feel free to tag us a photo of your spreads using our stickers for a chance to get featured at our social media pages.

Until the next giveaway and as always, feel free to spread the word and share the love! <3