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Cute Penguin Printable Diecut

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Posted on May 01 2018

Well hello, beautiful planner people!

That feeling when you're working on your planner and filling your pages with heaps of goodness such as stickers, dashboards, charms, your favourite pen, highlighters and coming up with something that pushes you to be creative, organised, and productive! Ah, isn't it just what you need to brighten your day?

Through planning, we really can keep on doing what we enjoy the most without losing our focus on more important matters. We can make our pages pretty, elegant, or funky depending on our personalities while making sure our tasks and errands are well taken care of.

This week's printable is oozing with so much cuteness! Here's a cute penguin die cut to inspire you to plan and to remind you to look for happiness - always.

This printable is great for basically any creative or craft project that you have since this can also be used as bookmarks, on customised cards, dashboards, and wherever you want to add a touch of penguin cuteness!

Feel free to download the PDF file, print, and cut it out on your desired paper.

Tag us with a photo of your creations and we'll be more than happy to share them on our social media pages. Use the hashtag #mumsyandbub

We hope you find this printable helpful and don’t forget to share the love!

Let's keep in touch, comment away with your suggestions or comments. <3

Until the next giveaway!