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Cute Study-themed To-do List Printable

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Posted on April 10 2018

Cute Study-themed To-do List Printable

Are you struggling to keep up with your school projects or does your child lack the motivation to finish school work?

Let's face it, campus morale can indeed run low especially when we've reached the halfway mark in the semester and assignments start to pile up. When the good stuff is over, we might find it hard to finish assignments, research, and to prepare for exams. The same thing is true for mothers of school-aged kids. When the fun and excitement die down, the little ones can start to disengage and lose interest in studying.

This week's printable aims to help you and/or your kids keep up with school.

Whether you like to keep track of assignments, projects, midterm exams, or just wanting to get more organised, use this template and get ready to knock things off your agenda.

This printable is perfect for your Mum Planner or any A5 size planner which features a date today, a to-do list, top priorities section, and an extra space for your notes. Feel free to download and print the PDF file as much as you like and slip some cuteness and functionality into the pages of your planners.

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