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Detox and Rejuvenate Using Coffee

Guest Post

Posted on August 22 2017

When it comes to beginning our mornings, a little coffee can make you go a long way especially when powering through traffic or dealing with an overzealous mum in the parking lot.

While coffee may be the source of our get up and go in the mornings, and the only way to stay sane while everything else seems to be going crazy, there are plenty more reasons to celebrate this remarkable bean than you ever thought you would. So grab a cuppa or two, maybe even a chocolate biscuit for you and the little one if you feel up to it and let’s delve into the reasons why coffee is truly wondrous.

Detox Effects

Coffee hosts a number of health benefits. Most notably, it has been found to reduce risks for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and Type Two diabetes. Coffee is also known to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer in women. Coffee lowers your chance of forming depressive symptoms as well.

Coffee further helps to safeguard the liver from degeneration due to cirrhosis, which happens when the scar tissue covers the liver, hampering its ability to work properly. Coffee can apparently lower the risk for cirrhosis by 80%. It has been found to be effective against liver and colorectal cancer. Having said that, your morning cup may just be keeping you around for longer. In summary, coffee is technically one of the best detoxifying agents that we consume on a daily basis.

Anti-aging Effects

It is hard to fathom that coffee may be the secret to stop aging, so researchers decided to find out if it was indeed possible. Through their efforts, they found that coffee drinkers are decidedly different when it comes to cell regeneration. The faster your cell regenerates, the quicker your skin renews – thereby presenting a younger looking you.

The most surprising part, however, is that coffee is not just good for the skin. It is also good for the entire body. Basically, rather than just affecting the collagen makeup of the person, coffee can provide anti-aging benefits for the entire body too.

How is this possible?

Researchers took blood samples from 100 young and old people and found that the older set had more active inflammatory genes than the younger set. Those who drank more than five cups of coffee a day seemed to have less of this inflammatory genes – much lesser actually.

The reason for this is that coffee blocks the activation of this inflammatory gene, thereby reducing the chances of chronic inflammation.

What Does Swelling Have to do with Anything?

Chronic inflammation of the entire body is the number one sign of aging. The older we get, the more inflamed our cells are. It may not be noticeable due to bloatedness. Our bodies are actually getting so damaged that the defense mechanism of inflammation tends to activate all over.

This means that as we age, we experience diseases that trigger this activity. These include diabetes, heart diseases, and joint problems to name a few. These are the most common diseases that older people experience in relation to inflammation.

How Does Coffee Fit Into All This?

Although the recommended dose of coffee is 400g a day, one can actually divide those into five cups or more. That level of caffeine is enough to energise you and provide the anti-aging benefits that the researchers recommend.

Try to enjoy coffee more and you may just see how it affects you positively. Of course, do so in moderation. People who are already experiencing signs of stress on their body should lessen their coffee intake. However, those who are still young can benefit more from drinking coffee, which they already do anyway.

In conclusion, coffee may just be the most important ingredient in maintaining a happy, healthy, super productive life. Next time the mid-afternoon slump hits, head for the kitchen and brew a cup of coffee, protect your mind and body, and support the world’s second-largest export all at the same time.

Bio: Since she started We Dream of Coffee, Sarah has enjoyed coffee in far more different ways than she could have imagined. Learn more about her techniques, varieties, and benefits on her blog.