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DIY Pen Holder for Traveler’s Notebooks and Planners

Katya Bowd

Posted on June 25 2018

I have to admit.. I’ve recently gotten sucked into the B6 Travelers Notebook craze (although I still love my Mum Planner!) and can’t get over how it just allows you to be so creative and thirsty for DIY hacks in order to complete your set-up!

One of those trinkets that caught my attention is those shimmy pen holders. So I decided to do my research on how it’s done and came up with these…

Ugh! Can’t believe how easy these are to make and how cheap the required materials are.

Without further adieu, here’s a quick and easy DIY pen holder tutorial

You will need…

    • A pen (for size reference)


    1. Apply hot glue on the front surface of your clip
      2. Get your decorative elastic and line it up towards the edge of the clip (where the hoops lock). Press on it for a couple of seconds to make sure the elastic adheres completely to the clip

        3. Take a pen and determine the size of the loop (It’s up to you if you want to make it tighter or a bit loose.)

        4. Cut the elastic to your desired size…

          5. Glue the other end to the back of the clip and press down for a couple of seconds…

          And.. voila!


          Wasn’t that easy?!

          Feel free to check out the video I made as well! 

          Hope you find this useful!

          Feel free to share your work in the comments section below!

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