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Dotted Grid Paper FREE Printable

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Posted on February 14 2018

In a world where you're given so many options, you need to know what works for you. Such is also the case if you're into planning. For those who've been in the community for quite some time, can you still remember the days when you still haven't found your "Planner Peace"? Are you still on the prowl for this? On the other hand, if you're new to the world of planners and stationery, the quest to finding it can be fun and crazy!

We love the idea of trying out new ways to make the most out of planning. This week's FREEBIE is for those who'd love to give bullet journaling a try without actually buying a new journal or A5 planner.

Just download the PDF file, fold, cut in the middle, punch holes on the allotted pre-made spaces on the sides and voila, you got yourself some lovely additional pages to the one you're currently using!

Dotted grid papers come in handy for messy scribblers. The design allows you to jot down notes, set schedules, and brainstorm tasks and priorities in a neat way since the dots serve as guides in your writing or decorating.

Loving how mine turned out - clean, concise, and stylish - just how I like it!