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Easy Makeup Tips for Newbies

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Posted on February 20 2017

For some, applying makeup is too easy, like they can do it with one hand, eyes closed. For others, however, using makeup is like painting an image – drop it if you don’t have the talent. That could be the reason why there’s this saying, “Don’t worry about me, worry about your eyebrows.” For a newbie, perfecting your brows might really cause you to worry. But, don’t fret just yet. For now, it is best to find out about makeup tips for beginners and with practice, you’ll do great in time

If you’re a newbie, the following should be kept in mind:

Know your skin type and complexion. Always start with knowing your skin type and complexion. The perfect shades compatible whether you’re fair-skinned or tanned makes it easier for you to achieve a flawless makeup.

Moisturiser. Once you know your complexion and skin type, you can now look for the kind of moisturiser that best suits you. There are products specially made for dry or oily skin, while other variants work well for a combination of both.

Pick a primer. The next step is to pick a primer. For beginners, know that a reliable primer is one of the most important things you need to keep your makeup stay in place all day. Primer is your best friend if you want to look fresh all day with your makeup on.

Foundation shade. When choosing a foundation, choose one that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Choosing an extremely light or darker shade can actually ruin your look since it’ll give you uneven lines, especially at the part where your neck meets the jawline.

Liquid or powder. One of those beginners dilemmas is whether to go for liquid or powder base foundation or blush on. The thing with liquid or cream is that you can control the application more. Choosing between the two is basically about preference. Go for the one you like best.

Blush. The key to having those rosy cheeks is finding the right shade, again, that suits your skin tone, Smile and dab a small amount on the apples of your cheeks and move all the way up to the temples. Never load up on blush! Keep it natural-looking like you just received a nice compliment that made you flustered.

Mascara, Eyeliner, & Eyeshadow. Mascara and eyeliner both can make your beautiful eyes pop and look dazzling. Opt for the kind of mascara that’s long-lasting and smudge-free. If you lack on lashes, a volume enhancing mascara is just what you need. On the other hand, it is best to try different eyeliner tricks – cat eye, winged look, or the dropped winged look and find the one that works for you. You should also determine the right colour that suits you best. As for the eyeshadows, you can experiment with different shades, but always stick to the ones that compliment your look and enhance your features.

Lipstick. You don’t need to be a makeup guru to fall in love with lipsticks. In fact, any girl most likely has her favorite lippie in her purse. But, if you want to take it up a notch, experiment and try different shades and types such as mattes, satins, long-wearing, and more. However, if your lips are prone to getting dry all the time, it’s best to avoid mattes as these can be overly drying. Instead, opt for a moisturising one.

Lip gloss. If you’re not a lipstick kind of girl, then, lip gloss must be your thing. Lip gloss is actually a makeup must-have as it gives you a hint of colour for that fresh and moisturised look. Plus, it’s super easy to apply, just what you need in instances when you’re running late for errands or work.

Ah! Eyebrows. All the makeup tips above will be of no use if you fail to work on your brows. Perfectly groomed eyebrows frame your face and will make your eyes pop and expressive. You can use an eyebrow pencil or gel to fill and colour your brows. Just don’t go overboard and make sure to soften the edges for a more natural finish. A perfectly shaped, eyebrows on fleek can turn an ordinary look to gorgeous!

Are there other makeup tips for beginners you’d like to share? We could be missing out on some. Let us know in the comments section below!