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Easy Tips to Organise your Work Bag (Why we love it and you should, too!)

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 27 2017

Obviously, everyone has their own work bags that they carry around on a daily basis to store basic work essentials to help carry-out tasks efficiently and help them get through the day without much hassle.

As a work-from-home mum who regularly functions in the comforts of a home office, I never thought that I would need an actual bag; until the day I realised that I can work elsewhere even for just a couple of hours whenever I need to take a break from a monotonous cycle. Don’t get me wrong – I love working from home and spending quality time with the kids, but there are times when a change of atmosphere is necessary for productivity – and my own sanity’s – sake! (The kids, are of course, are in caring hands whenever I go out)

Without further ado, here are some great ways to organise your own work bag…


 Watch the video!


The Basics

You’d need to start off with a good structured bag that is big enough to hold all your belongings together and is of great quality to withstand the test of time. Having a good bag is a great investment and can save you a lot of $$$’s as opposed to settling for something that is extremely cheap and breaks down after just a couple of months of usage. Remember, your bag basically stands as your “daily companion” that you should be able to depend on.

Just a bit of an intro on the bag that I’ve used. This is the Dreamweaver Tote by Tony Bianco which I got from my sister-in-law for my birthday. It comes with a strap adorned with light-gold hardware so you can wear it like a messenger bag, or you can just opt to use the dual top handles if you would like to carry it on your arm or shoulder instead.

This bag has definitely been a game-changer for me. I’ve been using the Longchamp Le Pliage for a while until I got the Dreamweaver tote. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Longchamp, but given that it only has one major compartment (and a tiny inner one for my phone or other smaller things), it posed as an issue for me in terms of finding ways to get organized. I had to resort to having multiple pouches for every group of items (a pouch for my makeup, a separate pouch for small gadgets, a pencil case – you get the picture!) – and it ended up being so bulky and uncomfortable.

There are 3 important aspects that you need to consider when choosing the right work bag:


Size. The number and size of items that you can lug around will depend on the size of your work bag. If you are carrying with you huge bulky items such as your laptop, planner, modules and such, a large bag is desirable. It really depends on what you usually carry with you day-by-day. If it’s just small personal items, then, of course, a smaller bag is ideal. 

Weight. With the number of items you have, the last thing you need is a bag that is heavy on its own. Why go for the added weight when you can choose something that is light yet spacious?

Storage. Having many compartments is a huge bonus as it will help you stay organised without the hassle of having to dig for certain items that might have been buried deep in your bag as those with single compartments would. I love the tote I used in the video given that it has three major compartments and a bunch of smaller ones to accommodate tiny items. 

The Rule of Thirds… 

(This is one of my favourite organisation tips which can be applicable to every aspect of getting your life in order – from your home office to your pantry, or from your laundry room to your closet.)

There are a lot of work bags that feature three major storage compartments, not to mention the additional inner pockets as well; so we’ll take the one in the video as an example.

When you want a fully-functional bag, you would need to be able to allocate designated areas as storage for your personal, professional, and miscellaneous items separately.    

Use one compartment to hold all your personal items such as your:

  • Wallet
  • Lady Pouch (I couldn’t find any suitable flat pouch so I used a passport holder to store some wipes, tissue paper, hair elastics, Panadol, and pads. I just think that it’s one of those unique space saving ideas when you use something that has a standard purpose in itself and then uses it for something else and it turns out quite nicely!)  
  • Comb or brush – because every woman with unruly hair needs one!
  • Beauty essentials pouch. I don’t carry a lot of makeup every time I go out. I’m not the type who needs to retouch unless I’m attending a wedding or some sort of special occasion. On a daily basis, I just carry with me a face powder, lipstick, and lip gloss – which I prefer to store at the very back section of my bag for easy access.


Use the most spacious compartment to store bulkier items:

  • Your planner or organiser (I use our very own Mumsy & Bub Mum Planner to help me get organized and map out goals and ideas)
  • Your mobile phone and other electronics
  • Pens


Designate one compartment to store and organise your paperwork and miscellaneous items

  • Notebooks
  • Loose paper
  • Training modules
  • Planning essentials for your planner such as sticky notes, washi tape
  • An “emergency shopping bag” in case you need to head to the shops before going home. Trust me, this will save you the agony of stuffing up your bag or spending more for an additional shopping bag that you might already have at home and have forgotten to bring 


I’d like to know how you’ve set up your work bag. What do you usually carry with you? What organisation methods do you use? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

‘Til the next post!