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Easy-to-Do Korean Make-Up Secrets for the Everyday Woman

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Posted on September 06 2017

If you’ve been alive this past decade, and not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the term K-pop. K-pop, short for Korean Pop, is a pop-cultural phenomenon consisting of groups of girls and boys performing pop hits and taking the world by storm. Groups such as Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, and Super Junior have even penetrated the western Billboards with their catchy songs. Besides this, it’s no secret that these stars have the most flawless skin imaginable, and their makeup is always on point. Although seemingly complicated, these beauty tips are actually easy to do. Here are some simple beauty tips for women that these K-pop stars swear by and you can do yourself.


No matter how much makeup you put, you can never truly cover up bad skin. Koreans take special pride in their beauty regimens, and they invest time and money into taking care of their skin with a 10 step-skin-care routine that have been tried and tested for generations. This simple lifestyle tip will reap benefits on your skin in the long run. Achieve a healthier and more radiant skin by using the following:

    • Oil cleanser – to remove dirt and makeup without drying out the skin
    • Water-based cleanser – to completely cleanse your skin from residual dirt and bacteria
    • Exfoliate – to remove dead skin and clear your skin of blackheads and dirt that clog your pores (they usually do this 2 to 3 times a week)
    • Toner – to seal up the pores
    • Essence – a formulation jam-packed with nutrients that replenish the skin after the double cleansing routine
    • Ampoule – this is a more concentrated version of an essence that’s only used during skin crisis. Like the essence, these are used to repair and replenish the skin. Only use as needed, and when you’ll use it, apply it before the essence.
    • Sheet masks – there are different kinds depending on your needs.
    • Eye cream – to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, giving you a more youthful appearance.
    • Moisturiser – like all parts of your skin, moisturising is the key to a healthy looking glow. Moisturise as early as now and to avoid dry skin.
    • SPF – I cannot emphasize enough how excessive UV rays can lead to all types of skin problems. From a simple sunburn to something grave like skin cancer; sunscreen is your ultimate shield against these harmful rays. Pack on the SPF and protect yourself!


These natural beauty tips may sound too extreme but if you stick to it, you’ll have glowing and flawless skin. Now that you’ve established a healthier skin base, here are some simple makeup tricks to accentuate your features that K-pop stars, from Sandara Park to Jessica Jung, have attested to.


Stars like Jessica Jung have emphasized time and time again to dab on your BB cream, foundation, basically anything you put on your skin. Wiping and aggressively applying these products on your skin can only result to skin irritation, possible excoriations, and scarring. Be gentle and dab these products evenly to have a clean base on your makeup. Do this simple beauty tip and your skin will thank you.


Like the hair on your head, your eyelashes are shaped better when you apply heat. Do this by using your hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler. However, do this with caution because anything involving heat can always result to dangerous outcomes, especially around the area of the eye. Before using the eyelash curler, check if the temperature is okay by using the back of your hand. Once the heat is just right, use your curler as you’d normally do and you’ll notice that they’ll curl better than before.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your eyebrows are the cute curtains that accentuate them. Makeup artist, Pony, who has done makeup for CL, has a  tip on how to make your eyebrows on point. Use a thin eyebrow brush to trace and shape the edges of your eyebrows then fill them in with brisk strokes. Finish the look up by using some tinted brow gel and your eyebrows will look absolutely divine!


If the Kardashians have promoted contouring by layering foundation, bronzer, and highlighters, making you look like a tiger; Sandara Park has another, simpler  method in mind. First, apply light BB cream (remember to DAB, DAB, DAB!) then use a lighter shade of CC cream and apply it lightly on your T-zone and the apples of your cheeks. You’ll end up having a radiant, and natural looking glow that does not feel heavy on the face.


Nowadays, people have started contouring parts of their body besides their face. The Koreans, however, have started highlighting the collarbones to give it a more sophisticated glow. It can be simply done by applying a small amount of highlighter on top and bottom of the collar bones, emphasizing them from your shoulders. Jin-ah, better known as Nana from After School, has been one of the K-pop stars that’s been doing this beauty tip, and let me tell you, it looks amazing!


If you go on youtube to watch makeup tutorials, you’ll notice a rising trend in using two lip shades at the same time. It’ll give you that plump, “just ate a lollipop” look, giving you very kissable-looking lips. First, apply some of your BB cream at the edges of your lips to give it a smoother finish. Second, use a more neutral lipstick as a base. Lastly, add a more vibrant tone that matches your neutral lippie to the center portion of your lips. It’ll give you a two-toned, more natural fullness on your lips.

There you have it! Simple, easy-to-do beauty tips for women in order to look fabulous and flawless. How about you? Do you have any other beauty secrets to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.