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Elegant Printable Planner Stickers

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Posted on February 27 2018

We can't help but look forward to Wednesdays. If you've been following us recently, you would've have known about our weekly freebie. How are you guys enjoying it so far? As for us, we are having a blast!

Let's keep the ball rolling, shall we?

For this week, we made a little something that would give your planner and spreads a boost because hey, sometimes all we need is a bunch of lovely stickers to cheer us up and improve our day!

Feel free to download and share these elegant printable planner stickers!

One sheet features a bunch of fashion icons such as heels, perfume, a diamond ring, a cocktail dress and more. It also includes some half boxes, checklists, washi strips, and flags. Simply print and cut and start decorating!

These stickers come in the shade of purple which gives off that royal vibe to your weekly and monthly spreads.

Get your hands on this free printable sheet and be inspired to live a life that's happy, rich, and full of intentions.

By the way, we love to hear from you. Let us know your idea of a nice printable and who knows, you'll see it next time here! :)

Until the next giveaway. Xoxo!