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End the War on Roaches With These Simple and Effective Remedies

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Posted on July 28 2017

I’m scared of cockroaches. In fact, back when I was a kid, everyone in the whole family (including my dad) has a real fear of cockroaches. One time, we were cramped up in our little den watching a scary movie when this giant flying cockroach came out of nowhere! We all scrambled to the door, my dad pushed us away to get out first.

Now you see the intensity of our phobia? Well, honestly, who wouldn’t get scared? These roaches are brown, alien looking, and can literally make you sick by carrying the germs they picked up from sewers to your food. When your home is infested with these brown little buggers, you seriously have a big problem on your hands. However, bombing your house with pesticide is not advisable either. Most insecticides are packed with organophosphates which are very toxic and can cause a plethora of problems, from GIT upsets to slowing down your heart rate. If you live in a home with young children and pets, too much insecticides can do more harm than good.

So if that’s the case, how do you solve the problem? Here are some effective home organisation ideas and remedies that are surely effective in solving your roach problems. Do not be fooled with ridiculous and false claims that bay leaves, citrus, and listerine can help end your war on roaches (seriously, who came up with these stuff?). The following are simple and effective home remedies you won’t be wasting your time with.


Borax and boric acid are simple and easy to find products that are toxic to cockroaches. To prepare the borax paste, just add three parts of the compound to one part water then mix this with sugar, onions, sweets, and anything else that cockroaches love. They’ll begin munching on the mixture, thus damaging the inner lining of their gut.  This leads to them starving to death, so say bye bye to your little friends. These compounds are highly toxic to cockroaches and slightly toxic to humans so be careful in putting them around the house, especially if you have kids around. Accidental ingestion of this will lead to nausea, vomiting and other GIT symptoms. For proper home organisation, place the borax paste in places your kids and pets won’t be exposed to. Also, keep it away from your food.


Do you need a quick roach fix? Set-up a makeshift cockroach trap by creating a stick paste with baking soda and sugar. Swab some of this stuff around the house. This will attract the roaches because they just love some sugar. Once they step on the paste, they’ll adhere to it, thus trapping them in place. This remedy is safe and effective because baking soda and sugar are edible substances and will not cause any toxicities for your children. Unlike Borax, this will not kill the cockroaches, it will just trap them. To organise your home, only place the baking soda in areas people don’t usually go to so that you won’t have messy floors streaked with sticky paste.


Like all kinds of pests, cockroaches love the smell of food, yours to be exact. That’s why when you leave your chips and junk food lying around in the open for them to go to, be sure they’ll start burrowing there. Cockroaches can also fit through narrow spaces because of their easily flattened bodies, so your food in the pantry and cabinets are also not safe. Don’t even give them the leeway to your food and store your crackers and chips in sealed containers. To help declutter your home, a great home organising idea is to buy those cute, clear containers for your cereals and grains to make your storage neat and cockroach free. Also, place your fruits and other produce in your refrigerator because these also attract cockroaches.


One thing that cockroaches absolutely need to survive is moisture. This is why they love hanging around the sewers and under your sink. To prevent them from infesting your home, fix all your leaky faucets and drain all your sinks right away. Wipe down your counters and prevent the collection of moisture anywhere in your home to avoid having cockroaches around and burrowing their way through your house. Remove areas with stagnant waters and any unnecessary collection of water around the house. You will not only rid yourself of cockroaches, you’ll also avoid having mosquitoes around.


Like I said earlier, cockroaches can fit through those narrow cracks on your floor boards and walls.  Like a burglar breaking into your home, if you leave even one door or entrance open, say goodbye to your security! These cockroaches are resilient creatures, so sooner or later, you’ll end up hearing their little footsteps all over your house, greeting you during the day by passing in front of you like the cocky roach he is (take into account that when you see cockroaches around your house during the day, it means your home is already heavily infested). Be vigilant and seal all areas like that nasty crack near your sink or that small opening near your front door. Don’t give them a foothold into your home or else they’ll invade it.


A home organising idea for you to help you avoid having a roach problem is to try cleaning up after yourself as soon as now. Don’t leave your dishes in the sink uncleaned and stop dropping food crops on your floors. The scent of the food and the moisture that it leaves on your dishes is practically screaming, “Hey cockroaches! I have a great home for you to live in! Come and invade it!” Basically, avoid being a slob and you won’t have any roaches in your home. In fact, if you have a clean home, you’ll not only have less pests around the house, you’ll feel much better because your surroundings will exude peace and worry-free energy.

Do you have any more ideas or questions on how to avoid cockroach problems around the house? If yes, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.