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Fall In Love With These 4 Wedding Decors to DIY Instead of Buy

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Posted on July 30 2018

DIY wedding ideas on a budget, bridal shower, DIY ideas

The thought of weddings can always make someone's heart flutter. For an eyewitness, it's when love and happiness seem to burst at the seams that you can't help but feel the bliss as well. Meanwhile, for the bride and groom, it's the start of their forever, a special moment they will cherish every day. Oh, how ideal!

Until you flip the other side of the coin and realise how challenging and stressful weddings can be. In terms of preparation and execution, anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows it isn't easy and it can really get pretty costly. However, most brides and grooms-to-be don't mind mucking in and actually make some things themselves to save them a lot of cash.

If you're happy to put in some effort to make your wedding day more personal and unique, these DIY wedding decorations and projects are nothing short of eye-catching without breaking the bank.

DIY Cloud Backdrop from A Practical Wedding

DIY wedding ideas on a budget, bridal shower, DIY ideas

An array of fluffy magical clouds make for a charming photo booth backdrop and probably, one of the best DIY ideas for weddings. This is the perfect set up to get that must-have wedding pictures!


  • 3 pounds polyester stuffing
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • 5 large paper lanterns
  • 8 medium paper lanterns
  • 1 pack small paper lanterns
  1. Set up your paper lanterns like you should, hanging them up normally. You'll be using large and medium lanterns for this part so put the small ones aside first.
  1. Hot glue a small amount of stuffing to a paper lantern. Do it a little bit at a time to keep the natural look. Don't worry, as you go, you'll get a feel for how much you should use for each section.
  1. Fluff and shape but not so much as most of the fluffing happen only after you hang up the clouds. Continue gluing some polyester stuffing and fluffing until all your lanterns are covered.
  1. Create oblong or oval-shaped clouds by adding two small lanterns to opposite sides of the big lanterns. The same thing goes, cover each piece with more cotton and fluff.
  1. Once you're finished, suspend the clouds from a support structure in your venue. Use a tall ladder and hang them on some fishing wire. Have a spotter to make sure their distance doesn't look awkward. Use beams or command hooks with some putty on the ends so the wire doesn't slip off. Test them out first to make sure.
  1. Fluff them more until they look like real clouds.
  1. As an option, you can add LEDs for luminescent and more dreamy clouds. This is ideal for night set up receptions.

Glitter Ice Cubes from Something Turquoise

DIY wedding ideas on a budget, bridal shower, DIY ideas

If you're looking for the best DIY wedding ideas on a budget, this Glitter Ice Cubes is for you! Also perfect for bridal showers or anytime when you need to chill some wine.


Clear Ice Bucket

Distilled Water (Tap water won't appear as clear as compared to distilled)

Chunky (not the fine ones) Glitter

Ice Cube Trays

  1. Gather your ice cube trays and add your choice of chunky glitter into each cube
  1. Fill with distilled water about 1/4 inch below the top. Don't overfill since water expands when it freezes.
  1. Freeze. Once they're ready, be amazed at how gorgeous and glittery they are! For storage, crack them out of the ice trays and keep them in freezer bags until your event.

NOTE: The glitter is NOT edible. This sparkly idea is only for using in ice buckets for your presentation to be extra!

Here's another great wedding idea on a budget from The Knot - Handmade Ceremony Programs

DIY wedding ideas on a budget, bridal shower, DIY ideas

What you need

Paper fans (quantity and style depends on your guest list and wedding motif)

A friend who has a nice penmanship

  1. Just write the order of events in each fold with a gold or silver pen and viola, you have a unique ceremony program which can also serve as wedding day souvenirs.
  1. For an added flair, just add some heart-shaped card of each paper fan with your favourite quote, a love note, or your initials.  

Vintage Book Table Numbers from Once Wed

DIY wedding ideas on a budget, bridal shower, DIY ideas

There's nothing more beautiful than a wedding that reflects your personality and story. This DIY wedding decoration idea is perfect for bookworms whose love story is one for the books!


10 -15 pieces vintage books (this depends on the number of your guests)

Washi tape in three different colours or patterns

Utility knife

White pastel pencil

  1. Ask for friends and relatives if they can give you some of their old, but great looking books with romantic titles on the spine or basically anything that looks vintage. Pick one book to create your table number and sketch out the number in a white charcoal pencil onto the book cover. Choose one colour or design of washi tape and place in line with your sketch.
  1. Choose your second colour and add to the outline. Choose your third colour and repeat.
  1. Trim loose edges to make it look polished. Stack a few books to create the centerpiece. Up it more by adding add some vintage ink bottles, teacups, and flowers.

Weddings become expensive events very quickly , but who can beat the ingenuity of a creative bride with a tiny budget? Make your special day even more personal and unique with these DIY wedding decorations and see how your guests will swoon and marvel at the lovely sight!