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Find the Right Fit: the Perfect Jeans for All Body Types

Staff Post

Posted on July 31 2017

It was 2005 when the movie starring Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, and America Ferrera created this unrealistic illusion of one-style-jeans that can look good for different kinds of people. I hate to break it to you but jeans for waif like people won’t suit people with hourglass figures. Don’t think that just because you don’t have the body of a supermodel, you can’t look good with clothes. Most articles with fashion tips would tell you to choose styles the suit your body type. Here are some dressing style for females  that will suit different body types.


Most mums would agree to this: after carrying your little rascals for 9 months each, it’ll increase your waist size for sure. Some would eventually gain that ever dreaded tummy which would give them muffin tops when they try desperately to fit in their usual jeans. Because they don’t like what they see in the mirror, they’ll eventually give up trying to look stylish. Don’t fret mums, you don’t have to give up your fashionista lifestyle because you gained tummies. The jeans for rounded tummies are usually mid to high rise with stretchable material. Choose cotton lined waistbands that don’t clinch too much on the waist. Another fashion tip would be to choose jeans with double-button waist bands for a better and secure fit.


Are you like Shakira, with your hip’s that don’t lie? If so, step away from those low rise jeans that hug around the hips. Not only will your whole jeans not look proportional, you’ll find it hard to even look for jeans with waistbands that wide. We now live in an era where fashion ideas cater to all people, regardless of what body type they possess. For those with wide, childbearing hips, the perfect jeans would be those with contoured waists and higher rise at the back. This will provide more coverage when you sit down. Also, choose high rise jeans with cropped styles and fabric that provides ample stretch for hugging those hips.


Hour-glass figures have wider hips and narrower waists than most people. This causes disparity in your jeans’ dimensions. Look for jeans with contoured cut waists and, like for wide hips, higher rise backsides to provide a snugger fit on your waist, and at the same time some coverage on your curvaceous butt. Another fashion tip would be to go for tapered pant legs instead of those that hug your ankles to prevent you from looking too stocky and to lessen the emphasis on your not so skinny legs.


Contrary to popular belief, people with legs that go on for days don’t always have the easiest time in picking out jeans. However, what’s good about them is that any rise of jeans can look good on them, whether it be high rise, low rise, or mid rise. The problem lies on the length and fit of the jeans themselves. If you’re one of these people, look for jeans that are long enough to cover the ankle or shorter on purpose. Also, another style advice for skinny legged people is to go for flare jeans. It creates an illusion of curves, which, everyone wants to have.


Do you ever just look at a picture of Kim Kardashian’s butt and fume with envy because your butt is flatter than cardboard? Don’t distress my friends, there’s a way for you to enhance that bum and make you feel like you have a killer backside. Buying jeans with bigger back pockets gives a wider coverage and makes your behind look curvier.


My friend, Kirsten, has always complained about how long her torso is but she told me she found a way to make it work for her advantage, which is to veer away from the low rise jeans. They will only make you look more disproportionate than you already are. Stick to super high rise jeans and those with long inseams to give you a look of proportionality.


Consequently, I also have a friend named Veronica who has a short torso and overall short stature. She said that some jeans make her look her height, but some give her the illusion of height and proper proportionality. This body type, which is the opposite of the previous segment, will look like they don’t have a torso at all if you pair them up with high-waisted jeans. They will even look shorter if you give them wide pant legs like flare pants and elephant pants. So, again, provide them a sense of proportionality by going for low rise jeans. Also skinny and straight cut jeans will make people with this body type appear taller than they actually are.


For our more voluptuous body types, going light will make them look wider. So if you’re on the larger scale, try going for jeans with a darker wash. This will create a slimming silhouette that’s perfect for this body type. Also, choose jeans with material that can stretch, so as to leave you room to breathe in. Mid to high rise jeans will also give you a longer looking legs, completely revamping your look.

Now that you have this information as your arsenal to choose the right jeans, I hope you get inspired and use it to your advantage! You don’t have to have the model body to look good, you just need to know who you are and optimise your assets while minimising your flaws. Don’t go around joining in on trends that don’t even look good on you. Instead, find what fits your style and body type perfectly, regardless if it is in season. If you have any other comments and suggestions, feel free to in the comments section below!