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Find Your Passion: Ways to Figure Out What Your Hobby Is

Staff Post

Posted on September 13 2017

Everyone deserves to do something they enjoy doing. If you keep on working, doing chores, and basically not living the life you want, you will eventually feel burnt out and not able to perform well at work and at home. Everyone, including you, needs something fun to do, one that you are passionate about. This little thing is called a hobby – an activity (like working out or knitting clothes) people do in order to recharge and unwind. They do these things without effort, or if they do exert effort, they are actually enjoying it. If you’re unlike most people who has a hobby, then this article is the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you discover your inner passion.


The primary thing to do when you want to find out what you’re passionate about or what you’re good at is to hunt it down. Discovering what you’re good at means you’re trying out new things. How do you know what you like if you don’t try them out first. Search all avenues for all kinds of hobbies. Use your social media accounts to see what your circle of friends are doing. Follow websites online like Tasty or Buzzfeed to see the latest pop culture activities that are gaining popularity. Watch videos of people bungee jumping or doing all kinds of sports. Once you’ve done scouting for possible hobbies, try them out. If you’ve always been curious about something like mountain climbing and other extreme sports, give it one try. You never know, you might actually be really good or passionate about it once you get the hang of it. Start with some easy craft ideas for adults and maybe invite a friend to join you. Having a friend to explore these things will inspire you to try something new.


Maybe you don’t need to look too far off when discovering your new hobby. Sometimes, you may have already developed a passion for something early on in life. Maybe the things you loved when you were a child, like drawing, using your coloring books, and even performing arts and crafts can be applied to you now. There is such a thing as adult coloring books nowadays. They’re available in almost all bookstores and specialty craft stores. You probably had been fond of baking with your mum and grandmother during Sunday afternoons back when you were a child. If you find yourself missing these hobbies and reminiscing about the past, why not go back to your old pastimes? Bring your kids in and share your hobby with them. Nothing brings a family closer together than doing simple arts and crafts projects together.


When you’ve chosen an activity you want to pursue, it’s wise to not go all out at first. Taking on such big projects and challenges will lead to possible discouragements early on in the process. Before you even take the leap, you may have thought of all the work to be done, the money you need to start the project and your lack of skill and competence. This is a sure fire way to be discouraged. Just imagine yourself thinking of starting a hobby in mountaineering then trying to tackle Mt. Everest as your first mountain to climb. The very idea is daunting to any normal person. So, when you try to start doing some arts and crafts or attempt to learn a new skill as a hobby, do it bit by bit. Start with the easiest level and work your way up. This will help you learn to love the hobby and be good at it through time.


When you do something, don’t do it for anyone else. A hobby must be something for you. If you’re only doing something to impress other people or to do the latest trend, you won’t like it in the long run. So if you will choose a hobby, go for something that relaxes you as well as attracts you. If you find such tasks like DIY home projects stressful, then maybe that hobby is not for you. Do not let your hobby add to the other tedious tasks you dread doing.


When you love doing something, it becomes effortless. When you do it with people you love, it becomes a great bonding experience. Try sharing your projects and hobbies with your family. Make it a great bonding experience. Involving the ones you love in the stuff you enjoy will make your hobby not just relaxing but also fun for the whole family. Passing this activity down to your kids is a great way to form family traditions that they will look upon with fondness when they’re older. Heck, they may even follow your footsteps and continue on with the hobby till they are older.

May this article help you discover what your hobby and passions could be. Do you have hobbies you’d like to share with the rest of us? Let us know in the comments section below.