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FREE GUIDE: How to Choose a Wedding Gown That’s Truly Made for You

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Posted on May 02 2017

Weddings – it’s one of those “I-could-not-ask-for-more moments” that almost every girl looks forward to and relish on. However, preparing for the big day can be tedious and sometimes challenging. A bride-to-be and her future husband need to make a lot of decisions that revolve around some of the following aspects when choosing reputable wedding suppliers: choosing the right cake, choosing the attire of the entourage based on the up-to-date fashion ideas or otherwise, the design of the invitations, which guests to invite, where to hold the ceremony, where to hold the reception, and more. The list may seem never ending and “painful” to even think about. Emotions can go on and on until THE day finally arrives. Adding to that is the stress that goes with all the preparations and all the solicited and unsolicited advice every bride-to-be ever gets – where to, how to, this and that, including marriage advice!

Wait, that escalated quickly! Before turning the page, let’s go back several months before the wedding day and check out one of the most important concerns of every bride – wedding gown!

Let’s face it, choosing the perfect wedding gown is a difficult task that can cause confusion, frustration, and stress for brides-to-be. It’s also one of the most noticed aspects in this new chapter in her life, gathering comments, educating one’s self with the latest fashion advice for women, additional suggestions, nods of agreement, or raised eyebrows. It’s much like receiving marriage advice from well-meaning friends and family, you know you want it and need it, but it can be way too much and overwhelming as well. Chances are, you’d end up wearing a wedding gown you’re half-heartedly in love with.

We so want to avoid that. How then can you choose which wedding gown is really made for you? You will know exactly after you brainstorm.

Brainstorming involves more than just looking at magazines and catalogues, it’s more than just pinning or saving a bunch of wedding gown pictures. Brainstorming means looking into every possible detail (including style advice!) that will ultimately lead you to the perfect wedding gown! You can also get input from your family or bridesmaids – because more heads are better than one! 

What are those details?

Budget – First and foremost, figure out how much you are willing to spend for your dress. This will help you save precious time, unnecessary hassle, and heartache should you see a gown you so dearly love but cannot afford.

Location – The time, place, weather, and ambiance of the venue will help you determine the kind of wedding gown that looks best on you. Will you be saying “I do” with the sunrise in view by the beach? Or do you see yourself exchanging vows in a candlelit, old cathedral?

Research – Are you familiar with such terms as Basque waist or Watteau train? If you want to properly convey what you are looking for in a gown in terms of lexicon and silhouettes, you need to – so you better do your assignment and start Googling. You can also refer to bridal magazines to give you a better, more tangible understanding of various wedding concepts that are considered to be a trend these days. If you want to go for a more rustic look and feel, then there are definitely a lot of inspirational ideas that you can refer to.


Keep an open mind – Just because the gown looks pretty on the hanger (or mannequin) it will look lovely on you too. Or maybe the opposite – it doesn’t look great on plain sight but will flatter your features when you wear it. Be open to suggestions and be willing to try something new even if it isn’t your style.

Your figure – Your body type is a huge determining factor when choosing a wedding gown. Just like any marital problem (and preparing for the barrage of marriage advice coming your way from close family and friends (haha!), your body shape can make or break your dress. You need to be able to choose the right type of gown that flatters your body type and not the other way around. Remember that line Kate Hudson said in the film Bride Wars? “You don’t alter Vera Wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!” Well, well… You don’t need to be this hard on yourself. You can always flaunt what you’ve got and still look fabulous in your wedding dress as long as you find the piece that works best for your body shape.

In general, there are 6 types of wedding gowns, each with distinct features that work best for a certain body type.

  1.    Ball gown
  2.    Mermaid
  3.    A-Line
  4.    Drop waist
  5.    Trumpet
  6.    Column

To give you a visual representation, we have designed a guide to help you choose the perfect wedding gown for your body type. It's just jam-packed with beautiful illustrations and noteworthy information that can really guide you in making the best decision that will lead you to the gown of your dreams. After all, don’t we all want to look pretty on the most important day of our lives?