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Get Ready to Love Your Mum-Bod (3 Essentials For Looking Fabulous!)

Katya Bowd

Posted on May 22 2017

As women, we often struggle to see our bodies in a positive light. This usually becomes a little more intense as we work our way through pregnancy. Everything changes, and – thanks to the hormones – more often than not, we get a little down on ourselves for not having the perfect figure. This can continue on after having a baby if a mum isn’t careful. But with these 3 essentials for staying fit, you can be confident that in the first few months after your pregnancy you will be establishing habits that will reap the rewards of a happy, healthy relationship with your body for years to come.

Drink adequate amounts of water.

This really can’t be emphasized enough – in pregnancy and after delivery. This first tip for healthy living will not only help you shed unwanted weight and contribute to your efforts to tone up, but it has several other benefits. If you are like me, eight glasses a day sounds like a lot. But don’t get discouraged! If you struggle to meet the minimum, find a 64-ounce jug to keep on your desk or in the kitchen as a reminder and pretty soon you will be putting away your water like a pro. Taking in at least 64 ounces of water every day helps in a variety of ways, such as:

  • keeping your skin healthy and hydrated
  • helping you recover from and even prevent digestive difficulties
  • increasing milk production if you are nursing
  • boosting your energy and lifting your mood

…just to name a few! Not to mention it will help your immune system which is especially important when you are taking care of a newborn. Keeping the sugar-laden drinks to a minimum (or cut them out altogether) is another important health care tip. These two efforts combined will have you getting through your day with fewer slumps which add up to more energy for your favorite workout – which leads us to our next essential for loving your mum-bod!


It can be a lot to ask of someone who is up half the night (or more) managing marathon feedings and multiple diaper changes. But even a walk up and down your street with your wee babe in arms can make a huge difference in how you feel. Start small and work up to more ambitious endeavors over time. I’m not even talking about expensive gym memberships! If you also have older children, find fun destinations within walking distance so you can incorporate their curiosity and desire to explore into your efforts to get fit at home. It’s amazing how often we can take for granted a pretty view or interesting lawn art until we stop to see things the way kids would. My family lives near a farm and we discovered we were able to walk there and back in just over 30 minutes, which gave me just the kind of activity I was looking for when we were enjoying good weather, with the added benefit of bringing home farm fresh eggs for the family. The kids loved seeing a different part of the neighborhood and meeting animals. Getting the kids on board with helping you meet your goals is a huge bonus!

For first-time mums, it is worth it to invest in a good carrier or stroller so you are able to really enjoy the times you get out in the sunshine, with full range of movement (and a free hand to bring your water along!) makes the most of your activity while protecting your posture.

An important healthy living tip is to create regular opportunities to do something you enjoy that gets your body moving. And remember, making self-care a priority is vital to providing the optimal care for your baby, too! Keep a running list of activities you want to try, people you can connect with for outings, and other incentives to get out of the house and interact with your baby and other mums.

Give yourself some TLC.

Have you ever been on a flight with a small child and had the flight attendant come to give you specific instructions about the oxygen masks? They specify that if the pressure in the cabin changes, the masks will pop down and it is imperative that you apply your own mask first, then the child’s. It does your child no good if you end up passed out and unable to meet his or her needs!

Mums often have this habit of putting absolutely everyone else first and not take care of their own needs. This is a recipe for losing confidence, motivation, and ultimately, a healthy lifestyle. Don’t do it! Remember that you are not a machine. Mums have limitations, too. If you find you are regularly unable to keep promises to yourself regarding activities you enjoy or moments of pampering, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Doctors often tell new mums that it’s ok to ask for help. Why? Because we don’t do it enough! Whether it is for the purpose of letting you get away for a couple hours for a massage or time with friends, or just extra hands to help with chores, don’t hesitate to call in the cavalry. 

New mums are certainly not immune to habits like stress-eating, so plan ahead for things like overwhelm and exhaustion. Have a game-plan in place that keeps you focused on your goal for staying fit! Make a list of your favourite tips for healthy living, including fun recipes, strategies for relaxation, ways to exercise using things you have around the house, favourite yoga poses and anything else that will motivate you to make your well-being a priority.

With these three essentials, you will be well on your way to having and keeping a healthy relationship with your body after giving birth. It isn’t easy! But the effort to establish a routine of nurturing yourself, along with your little one, is well worth it. Not only will you love the results and enjoy the self-confidence that comes with caring for your body, you will be passing along tips for healthy living to your kids by your example. Win, win!

What other essentials would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

Until next time!