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Getting Back in Shape After Pregnancy

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Posted on March 15 2017

You have the same number of hours in your day as Beyonce does, that’s what they say (duh!) But most times, why does it seem like you hardly have the time to even apply your favourite lipstick? It could be more challenging if you’re a new mum. There’s the lack of sleep, the clingy baby, your hormonal issues, and the physical changes among many others. But then you glance back at the magazine and see J.Lo and Miranda Kerr taunting you with their immaculate physiques as if to say “We’re hot, you’re not!” On the flip side, most of these divas wouldn’t have achieved their current body types had they failed to take their health and beauty care regimen seriously. Yes, that means religious exercising and health maintenance.

It’s not because you wish to look like someone who just came out straight from a glossy magazine cover. Truth is, taking care of your health and physical well-being is something you owe to yourself. Remember, now is the best time to treat yourself with utmost care because there are “tiny people” – a.k.a your kids –  who are practically dependent on you.

To help fellow mums get back to their pre-pregnancy bod – or even better – we listed down effective and doable healthy routines you will surely find time for and definitely enjoy.

Here it goes!

1 - Get moving!


During the first 6 weeks after pregnancy, new mums will undoubtedly experience sleep deprivation and will be extremely too tired and worn out to even think about exercise. It’s okay, that’s normal. Your body is not yet ready to move around and be physically active given that it needs time to recuperate. If you had given birth via C-Section, the recovery period could take even take longer. Once your healthcare practitioner gives you the “go” signal, get your sweatpants ready and get ready to move! You can start with a 15-minute exercise routine each day that includes a series of pelvic tilts, leg stretches, and other easy exercises that help improve abdominal strength and stamina.

2 - Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is not just best for babies, but also for mums. It helps you lose weight since breastfeeding burns 500 – 700 calories a day! Keep in mind though that as soon as you stop breastfeeding, your calorie needs will soar up, so make sure to step up your exercise routine or balance your diet to maintain a desired weight.

3 - Eat healthy.

eat healthy

If the thought of snacking on a chocolate bar seems quite tempting, make sure to minimise your intake of sugary treats. Too much sweets can make your sugar levels go through the “yo-yo effect” and when it drops, you’ll find yourself eating the first thing you see in the fridge. Instead, choose healthy snacks. Low-fat milk and yoghurt contain calcium which can aid in weight loss, so don’t forget to stock up on those. Cereal and whole grain bread will make you feel full and a fruit smoothie makes for a perfect substitute for your ice cream cravings.

4 - Take naps!

take naps

You are in the phase of your life when you wouldn’t be able to get an 8-hour sleep at night, that’s for sure. But then sleep is very important to ensure proper health and wellbeing. So join your baby and take that much-needed nap time. It will help keep your energy levels up, your mind sharp, and you can forget about the naughty cravings for sweets, of course.

Getting back into shape after having your bub takes a lot of effort. Those mummy celebrities who look fit and fab after pregnancy may well be your inspiration. After all, if they were able to pull it off, what’s stopping you from doing the same? No, this isn’t suggesting that you yearn for the “perfect body” – as society suggests. Every woman has a different body structure. The key is to be able to tone your muscles, shed-off those post-pregnancy pounds, and live a healthy lifestyle. After all, when you feel good and live well, there is no stopping you from achieving your personal, family, and professional goals. In the end, everything – every sweat, every tear, every resistance to junk food – will be all worth it.

Do you have a post-pregnancy challenge you want to share? Let us know in the comments section below!