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Grunge Style Weekly Meal Plan Planner

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Posted on August 29 2018

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Most of us want to enjoy eating together with our loved ones and preparing hearty meals for them but the truth is, it is easier said than done. There are so many things that can get in the way especially when our schedules are busy. But again, it can be DONE.

Meal planning can help you set time each week to plan for yourself and your family - be it the simple dinner on weekdays or a fun night out at your favourite restaurant once a week. And it really doesn’t matter on how simple or special it is, it’s the thought of planning that counts.

This week's printable lets you pick healthy food choices as well as save time and money through meal planning

Use this meal plan printable to determine your busy days so you can make those meals simple or prepared in advance. Curb out hunger and take control of your cravings by choosing healthy and filling yet delicious snacks and recipes. And yes, save up money by cooking your own dishes and avoiding food waste.

The grunge-style monochrome template is perfect for planner girls who like to keep their spreads as unique as they are.

Just download this template and print out a bunch. You can add some cute stickers or your favourite planner accessories and fill your planner with things that can motivate you to be better.  

Happy planning and until our next giveaway!

If there is something you'd like for us to come up with, just drop us a message in the comment section below.