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Hairy Lemon: You’re not Beating the Stress if You’re not Drinking This

Katya Bowd

Posted on July 10 2017


[Many thanks to Hairy Lemon for sending us this great product for review! You can visit their website at

You know what they do in Disney movies – how the princess wakes up in the morning, feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and high in spirits – looking forward to whatever the day has in store for her – and, with her brave and kind heart sings happy songs and waltz through life like there’s nothing she cannot handle!

Well, there’s a reason why they’re called fictional characters because they don’t happen in real life; especially if you’re a girl with a daily serving of a huge platter of responsibilities!

Take it from someone who juggles work, kids, family, and a household to manage every waking up morning (*coughs!). Not that she complains, but if you’re a mother, you may very well know how challenging real life is that the scene where Cinderella managed to sing despite and in spite of her never-ending chores and struggles should have made her a superhero instead of a damsel in distress.

But then again, there’s no complaining but rather there’s the constant finding of ways to deal with it like a strong woman should. For instance, there’s this product I have long heard of but came across to recently whose name sounded odd but surprisingly effective to help combat stress away called Hairy Lemon Australia.

Being a fan of all things lemon, the name itself ignited curiosity. Then there’s the first line of their marketing brief that says ‘Hairy Lemon effervescent tablets: Energy, recovery, stamina, and endurance.’

Really, who doesn’t need those? When the demands of life make your limbs weak and your heads heavier, who doesn’t want a relief? Especially when you’re trying to minimise your caffeine intake, finding something that promises to give you the same boost or “lift” is exciting!

It is! Hairy Lemon’s bright and sunny packaging is a mood booster itself. As per instructions, it says there that all you have to do is pop a Hairy Lemon tablet into a glass of water and watch it magically fizz into a pleasant tasting, refreshing drink.

As for the exact flavour, there’s the subtle kick of tanginess with a spritz of sweet floral flavour that is similar to passion fruit; all in all, if you’re a fan of tropical drinks, then you’ll love it just as much!

Hairy Lemon benefits:

Each Hairy Lemon tablet contains B Complex Forte (B vitamins 1, 2, 3 5, 6, and 12) which is something we need to relieve nervous tension and stress by providing the body its much-need supply of energy. It also has Guarana, a herbal tonic that contains about 4mg. caffeine which is why it helps improve mental alertness and boosts the mood. Aside from that, it also contains Vitamin C – which is a great antioxidant helping to fight off seasonal bugs like coughs and colds plus great for your skin too. And last but not the least, Ginseng that aids recovery, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, a great energy booster and at the same time has a calming effect.

Hairy Lemon tablets are lactose, gluten, and sugar-free with no added artificial preservatives!

Times like this when work is getting busier and the kids are growing up like weeds, not to mention all the things in between plus the gloomy and chilly weather – the perfect ingredients for not being in your 100% self, Hairy Lemon really comes in handy. It lives up to its promise to give that “lift” in every glass.

If you want to have that energy boost, then you will totally dig this product! It’s one of those you want to keep in handy because aside from its great taste, it helps regulate your brain and body to function at your best. And we all know how important it is to take care of ourselves. It’s what we need the most in order for us to handle our hectic and loaded lives as well as that of our loved ones.

We may not wake up as immaculately beautiful as Princess Aurora does, but if we take care of ourselves and choose to be our own superhero, we can sure beat the odds and stress away!

Did this article provide you with the information you needed with regards to Hairy Lemon? Have you tried it yet? If you have comments and suggestions regarding the product, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below!