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Have A Healthy Day With This Whole Day Diet Guide

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Posted on October 25 2017

Have you been going to the gym regularly every day for the past few months and are yet to see the results you want? Have you been lessening what you eat and joining in on the latest fad diet trends but still don’t manage to reduce the size of your waistline? Maybe the problem isn’t because you’re not eating less or you’re not working out hard enough, maybe it’s how you schedule and go about your diet. Sure you don’t eat anything except steamed vegetables, but you end up starving yourself of essential nutrients your body needs in order to function properly. You may be eating less calories, but they end up being empty calories, that’s why you don’t have enough energy to do your workout routines optimally. Writer Lauren Gelman, from Prevention, has compiled an ideal healthy living schedule from countless nutritionists and health experts that has been scientifically backed up to ensure that you’re eating right in order to lose weight and become fitter and healthier.


Even though you’re sleeping, it doesn’t mean your body stops functioning as well. The metabolic processes that allow you to continue breathing and living is still working. This means when you wake up, you’ve most likely already depleted your water and mineral stores. A great tip to start your day healthier and more energised is to drink a glass of water right after you wake up in order to replenish your water and mineral stores.


The morning before breakfast is the perfect time to do some light cardio. This is because, as said earlier, your body has already depleted your carbohydrate stores while you were sleeping so when you exercise in the morning, the energy source you’ll be using are your fat stores. Also, working out in the morning will get your body warmed up and your heart pumping for the long day to come. However, a healthy living tip would be not to overdo your workout during this time because too much would make you hypoglycemic which will make you pass out.


Once you’re done with your light cardio, it’s time for breakfast. Experts have stated that complex carbohydrates like oats, muesli, and whole wheat products are a better carbohydrate source in the morning because it’ll take more time to break down, thus giving you a steady stream of sugar in your bloodstream. Add some fruits high in vitamins and minerals like berries, kiwis, and mangos to sustain your body’s nutritional needs.  Other things to remember is to add protein to your breakfast. Mix in some nuts in your oatmeal or cook an egg. This will make you feel fuller longer as well as provide you with the essential macros you need for the morning. This great diet tip for women and men of all ages will make you feel healthier and more fulfilled in the morning.


Hydrating yourself during the day is a must. This will make you feel less lethargic (which can be mistaken for hunger) thus stopping you from binge eating during your break. Also, water revitalises you because it restores some of the essential minerals your body has already used up. Keep a jug of water with you regularly and take a sip whenever you feel parched.


Find some time to work your body during the day in order to burn some spare calories. Instead of personally messaging your colleague, why don’t you use this time to walk over there and stretch your muscles while you’re at it.


Before lunch, grab a nutritious snack in a form of either yoghurt, nuts, cereal, or fruit cups. This will help you keep your blood sugar in check and will also prevent you from eating too much during lunch time.


Again, if you have the time, go for a quick walk or do a couple of jumping jacks in order to burn a few calories. Also, hydrate during this time in order to feel less flimsy during the day. Your body is continuously working and metabolising so loading up on water is just replenishing the water and minerals you’ve already used up within the day. Lastly, take your multivitamins during this time in order for you to properly metabolise the foot you’ll be consuming during lunch. This tip will allow you to become healthier because you’ll be absorbing and breaking down your lunch optimally in order to completely take advantage of its nutritional content.


You’re now halfway through the day so you’ll be needing more macros to fuel your body for the last half. Instead of going for the quick fast food run, why not stock up on some healthy greens? This will provide you with vitamins and minerals that your body will require in order to work optimally. Add some foods rich in essential fatty acids like tuna, salmon, or a dash of olive oil-based dressing on your salad. Don’t forget your protein source that will complete your macronutrient requirements. Go for leaner sources like turkey and chicken.


I cannot emphasize enough how important hydration is. Also, working your heart by doing some light cardio will help you maintain your cardiovascular health in the long run.


Merienda is a Spanish and Filipino term for snack time. This is required for the same reason as earlier, which is to maintain your blood sugar levels to prevent you from binge eating as well as feeling weak and queasy before dinner. Have a light snack like whole wheat biscuits or a piece of fruit like an apple to just munch on before dinner and your workout. Don’t overdo it though. Keep your calories down to around 100 for your snack before dinner.


Studies have shown that exercising at least 150 minutes a week will improve your cardiovascular health tremendously and will reduce your risk of developing cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular illnesses. So after your work, hit the gym or just do a simple workout anywhere you can. Be sure to incorporate cardio in your routine. If you want to save time but optimise your workout, a great healthy living tip for exercise is to do high-intensity interval training routines which will only last around 20 minutes but will work out your body completely. Consult with a professional on what exercise is right for you.


After working out, you need to eat a good meal to fuel your body in order to prepare for your fasted state during your bedtime. Again, go for foods high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Also, make your dinner balanced with all your essential macronutrients.


Have a light snack to prepare yourself for sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, eat foods rich in tryptophan like milk before going to bed.

BEAUTY SLEEP (10:30-11:00PM)

Your healthy day won’t be complete without proper sleep. Have 8 hours of undisturbed rest in order to give your body ample time to recover from your hard day’s work. Then when you wake up, start the cycle all over again.

That’s it for your perfect healthy day. Just follow this routine and you’ll see results ASAP. If you have any other comments and suggestions with regards to this article, feel free to share it with us!