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Home Organisation Tip: Creative yet Frugal Ways to Efficiently Store your Makeup

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Posted on April 24 2017

Makeup is not just a mere beauty essential. For some, makeup serves as a ‘friend’ when it comes to enhancing one’s natural beauty. It’s something that can help you feel good about yourself and an aid to boost your confidence. No one should feel guilty for falling in love with makeup.

For some busy mums who still want to get organised at home, makeup might be viewed as a thing of the past, something you no longer have the time to dilly-dally with. You may have buried your pretty little makeup collection in the depths of your closet. But wait! Wouldn’t it be nice if once in awhile, in the middle of your busy life, you get to sit on your vanity chair, face the mirror, and doll up? It’s actually therapeutic considering the number of times your internal self screams “I NEED A MAKEOVER!” or “I look so haggard!” But then, if your desk is a mess and your essentials are just all over the place, the opposite might take place. You could be stressed out just by looking at it. This is why getting things organised at home is crucial.

If you want to create that extra neat space for your vanity essentials in your already crowded room without hurting your pocket and you want to utilise the resources you already have in your home, here are some closet organisation ideas and DIY storage solutions that you can get into during your spare time.

Plant Pots + Decorative Rocks.

Other than being used as garden essentials, plant pots are a cheap way to store your eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, lip liners, and brush sets. They come in different colours but you may want to stick to white since it’s more neutral and goes along well with everything in your room. To make it sturdier and more creative, you can add decorative rocks in the interior and make use of fancy embellishments on the exterior. If you have some spare plant pots in your storeroom, then it’s time to put them to good use.

Hanging Shoe Organiser.

Another household essential that can also serve as makeup storage. Shoe organisers are best if you’re lacking on counter space since you can just hang them on your door or closet. Simply sort your makeup according to categories then put them inside the pockets of the shoe organiser. Because it’s transparent, you can just pick your favourite lipstick with ease.

Old candle holders.

Old candle holders, especially those glass cup type, is another genius way to store your makeup. Nope, you don’t just let them sit on top of your counter, instead, you can glue them on top of one another to create a clean and stylish cosmetic holder.

Old plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles, especially the cute and colourful ones, need not be thrown out in the bin anymore! Just cut through the middle using a pair of scissors or knife, take the top off, then smoothen the edges using an iron – and viola, you’re done! You can also store other stuff such as cotton balls, creams, and hair accessories.

Sushi Mats.

Move over sushi rolls, there’s a better use for your extra sushi mat other than making your favourite Asian treat. Sushi mats can be transformed into a makeup brush holder; and since you can roll it, you can bring it anywhere. All you need are some elastics for creating hoops in the middle – more like a planner pen holder – and then adding a cute ribbon or cord on the sides to keep it secure when you roll it up!

Ice cube tray A creative mind can conjure up all sorts of odd ideas, and you can really use that up when it comes to organising your stuff. Take for instance this particular Ice Cube or rather, Ice Tube Tray makeup holder. It’s the typical ice cube tray only that its holes are longer that it resemble like tubes. To make it your own makeup holder, simply grab a cute printable label, around 3 colourful pens, and a tape. Tape the label on the pens – one for eyeliner, one for mascara, and one for brushes and then stick them in the ice tray. Amp up the entire look by adding some colours to your Ice Tube Tray makeup holder using stickers or craft paper.

Transparent glass container – One of the most popular decluttering tips is using transparent glass containers. Fill it with pebbles, black beans or marbles and your brushes will stay there. Segregate your makeup according to category and display them nicely on top of your vanity, drawer, side table, or anywhere else you could easily access them.

Cleaning brush – This is not a joke! Have you seen those large rectangular brushes that you find in hardware stores intended for cleaning and scrubbing filthy floors? You can use those brushes as storage and display system for your makeup and brushes. You can use it as it is, but if you want, you can also paint the handle with your favourite colour. You might want to grab a few brushes depending on the number of items you want to hold in place since you want it to stand solid.

Bookcase – If you’re one of the #blessed ones who have some extra room to spare, why not consider getting a bookcase and turn it into a lovely looking makeup storage. If you’re into DIY, then check your garage or ask Grandma if she has an old bookcase. Do some tweaking here and there, paint and polish if you must.

Makeup case – It doesn’t take a professional makeup artist to actually have one. If you really love makeup and have a pretty decent number of them, (and you have that extra cash) then you might want to consider getting a makeup case. It’s a very practical and efficient way to store your collection since it has all sorts of levels and compartments.

Having a neat and tidy vanity area and getting organised at home, in general, is very rewarding. You will be more inspired to look good when your colour-coded lipsticks are sitting pretty in their cute containers.

How about you, mummies? How do you keep your cosmetics and organised and what make-shift storage containers do you use? What home organisation techniques have you used or continue to use? Let us know in the comments section below!