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How to Dress According to Your Skin Tone

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Posted on December 27 2017

Have you ever had that moment in a clothing store where you see this really cute red dress that you just had to try on but ended up looking so ugly while wearing it? Or what about that deep green dress that made you look washed out? Today’s fashion trend promotes pastels, but won't you look pale and grey when you wear them? Have you ever wondered why clothes like these look so hideous on you yet so magnificent on others? Well it’s not you honey, it’s your skin tone! In this article, we’ll be talking about clothing tips, specifically, on what colours suit all kinds of skin tones.


Those with warm undertones usually look yellow or tan when they compare their bare washed (no makeup) skin to bond paper. The veins on their hands also look more green than blue. Basically, people with warm undertones are those that tan better when they’re under the sun. In fact, they look better on tan and tend to look golden when they’re in the beach.  Examples of celebrities with warm undertones are Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Rachel Bilson, and Jennifer Aniston. People with these skin tones look great in coral pinks, tans, beige, orange, gold and yellow. More creamy and coffee toned neutrals are better for your skin tone while warmer versions of cool colours like olive greens are perfect for this skin tone. Stay away from colours that will wash out your complexion like the extremes of the cool colours like amethyst blue. A tip for fashion for our warm mamas is to stick to earthy colours, or at least earthier versions of the different colours in the colour wheel because their clothes will look superb.


Cool toned people, like Nicole Kidman, Amanda Seyfried, Lupita Nyong’o, Lucy Liu, and Emma Stone, usually have very pink undertones. Their veins appear blue underneath their skin and they burn (not tan) when under the sun. This means that they appear very red when they stay under the sun for too long. People with this undertone can pull off regal colours perfectly. They look great in emerald greens, royal blues, and deep shades of purple (the eggplant kind). They can also rock the icy blues, very chilly greens and the very vibrant pinks. Like the warm tones, cooler versions of warm colours will look great on people with this kind of undertone. A clothing tip would be to avoid using very strong warm colours such as the banana yellow, deep oranges, tomato reds, and deep browns as they will surely clash with your skin.


The neutrals do not fall within the spectrum of the warm and cool undertones. Their veins cannot be distinguished as blue or green underneath their skin. They have ashen or grayish undertones and can pull off any colour in the colour wheel. Examples of famous people that carry this kind of undertone are Selena Gomez, Chanel Iman, Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Julia Roberts, and Kerry Washington. These undertone carriers will look great in all colours, whether warm or cold. However, only the toned down versions of these colour match this type of skin tone. Vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and oranges will overpower the neutral undertone and may make you look horrendous. Ruby reds, though, are a must for carriers of this skin tone. They will look absolutely stunning. So a clothing tip would be to buy that sexy red dress. If you carry this tone, you won’t regret it.


There are certain colours that will look great in different kinds of skin tones, whether warm, cool or neutral. Natural whites and blacks look great on everyone. Some whites have certain undertones so if you wear something white and it doesn’t look good on you, check it under natural light, see if it’s actually carrying a certain undertone. Black is a staple colour for everyone, so a lifestyle tip would be to always have a little black dress ready in your closet. If you need something formal and you can’t think of anything else, that black dress will be your life saver. Teal without any dominant blues or greens is also a colour that everyone can wear. They’re perfect for the summer weather. Lastly, blush pink usually lighten up all kinds of skin tones so it can also be pulled off by everyone.


The things mentioned in this article are all just based on preference from other people, and shouldn’t be set in stone. Some colours that do not fit your designated colour tone can make you feel good when you wear it. Some colours might even look edgier on you even if your skin tone isn’t the right shade. Do not let these rules dictate what you choose to wear, for these are only suggestions. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re going to bend the rules. Fashion, after all, is about making bold and brash statements, because trends fade and sometimes, what looks good now, can actually look awful tomorrow while something bad now can eventually go in style.

These are just some tips we would like to share with you with regards to what colour will look great on your skin tone. Some principles on undertones can also be  applied in makeup. Use this as a guide on how you would like to dress, then pair it up with the proper makeup look and you’ll be catching everyone’s breath everywhere you go.

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