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How to Organise your Wardrobe

Katya Bowd

Posted on February 13 2017

Organising your wardrobe is one of the most fulfilling tasks you can do around the house. Actually, it’s more of a favor for yourself because as a mum, we know what it’s like not to have ample time to fix our own valuables considering that we have so much to tend to – taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, preparing the meals, doing the laundry – the works!

If you always find yourself digging through piles of unkempt clothes in your closet, then it’s high time to gear up and start organising your wardrobe.

1.- Remove everything from your closet and drawers such as shirts, pants, skirts, blazers, jumpers, shoes, bags, and underwear, and place them on a clean area in your room. Clean the closet and drawers thoroughly using damp cloths and other cleaning materials you may have.  

2.- Now go back to your pile of things. Sort them out into 3 categories: “to keep”, “to decide whether to keep or not”, and “to throw.” Completely get rid of items that are beyond repair, are too old or faded, and those that make you look unattractive (fat, short, haggard, etc.) Get cardboard boxes or any other large container where you can store your “to throw” items.

3.- After deciding on what you want to keep, make sure you have enough room to neatly place your items. Some people realise they need additional compartments after they have cleared out their closets. Determine what you need such as a new shoe rack, lingerie cabinet, etc.

4.- Remember, when organising your closet, it is important to group clothes according to their type and color. This will help you gain easy access to what you want to wear instead of going through everything just so you could get a particular type of shirt colour.

5.- Don’t forget to use hangers to hang your good clothes, especially those you would most likely use during special occasions.

6.- Frequently used items should be placed somewhere wherein you can easily access them; the not-so-frequently-used below; and the least used ones way up high your closet.

7.- Arrange your storage compartments as you see fit.

8.- Use bag holders if you think your bags take up most of the space in your cabinet.

9.- Keep your accessories, jewelry and beauty products tidy. Use dividers or small compartments to store them.

10.- Add lights to your closet space to give you a better feel of your accomplishment as well as a better view of clothing you’d want to wear for the day.

What about you fellow mumsy? How do you keep your wardrobe mess-free? Let us know in the comments section below!