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How to Plan a Surprise Party He’ll Never See Coming!

Katya Bowd

Posted on August 25 2017

Some ladies are timid about planning an event but want to do something to make their husbands feel special. If this is you, enjoy this marriage guidance on how to hone in on what makes him happy and create memories you will both enjoy for years to come. Don’t worry – we’ve got your tips for getting everything together and making sure you’re ready to go.

My favourite theme for a surprise party is a scavenger hunt. It can be simple or elaborate, and there are so many fun ways that it can go. It all depends on your man’s hobbies, personality, and general idea of what is fun.

Start with his hobbies. Take a minute to think about the things on which he loves to spend money, or that he loves to do with his friends. A great starter to the event is to create a trail of hints that will lead him to a gift he will absolutely love before he arrives for the get-together. Surprise him with either a gift card or a piece of equipment that contributes to his ability to enjoy his favourite sport or hobby. Or, you can go all out and have several “pieces” to his gift that is individually wrapped and hidden in various locations in the hunt. Have the first clue in the car so he can drive to the location, or on the door when he gets home telling him where to go. Whatever the gift is, make sure it will be something he really cherishes and worth the hunt!

If you can’t think of what he would enjoy the most, some helpful marital advice would be to really think ahead and start planning the party well in advance. Why? You need to investigate his interests more! Plan different days in the months before his birthday to start probing for ideas. Sometimes work gets in the way and he hasn’t had time to do what he really enjoys for a while. Start suggesting the two of you make plans to do something together – whatever he wants to do. Get a better feel for his hobbies. Does he love to hike? Is he into sports? Video games? Take time to do his favourite activity with him a few times… without making him suspicious by suggesting it right before his birthday.

When planning a surprise birthday party for your husband, it’s important to decide how you want him to arrive. Is he going to be getting off of work? Does he have something planned with a friend the same day that can provide a decoy to throw him off the scent of your preparations? If he doesn’t, see what you can engineer for a distraction so his arrival is on-time and memorable!

If you’re planning something big, get one or more of his closest friends in on the secret – but only if they can be trusted, of course! This will allow you to maintain normalcy and keep him from getting suspicious by delegating tasks that would be difficult for you to accomplish without him noticing.

  • Ask someone else to keep the cake in their fridge and to bring it along. Nothing throws off a surprise party like reaching into the fridge for leftovers and seeing, “Happy Birthday!”
  • Keep your invitations old-school. Cards that can be passed out by a friend will make sure that your surprise party doesn’t accidentally go viral before the big day.
  • If you plan to use a restaurant or some other venue, get your details set and let someone else make the call. That way nothing gets ruined if the establishment calls or emails you back to confirm your reservation details.
  • Let other people in on managing the scavenger hunt! If you plan to leave notes or tokens in locations that have sentimental value (where you had your first kiss, where he won an important award, etc.), it might drop hints if you have to drive around to set it all up yourself.
  • Especially if you are planning a big finale at the end, like a stay in a hotel or going to a concert, send money to someone who can reserve everything for you and show up to the party with the room key/tickets/etc.

Of course, nothing says you have to splurge and spend a lot of money to throw an awesome surprise party for him. Some guys prefer to keep things simple. Going with what you know he would enjoy is always sound marriage advice. If he is not super outgoing, don’t plan something humongous and make him endure an afternoon with tons of people. Perhaps his taste leans more towards a small barbecue with friends and having the house to yourselves for a movie night (that doesn’t include cartoon characters).

In that case, make sure you have a babysitter lined up, and schedule for your kids to be picked up after the party. That way they also get to enjoy Daddy’s birthday, but you don’t have to drop them off anywhere before heading home to enjoy your time together. The exception to this would be if you have amazing friends who are willing to tackle the after-party clean-up while you take your kids to their overnight destination. This would eliminate any urge you may have to put off your relaxing evening in favour of a party-recovery blitz on the house. Perfectionist wives looking for relationship tips may find this helpful: after the party, remember that enjoying your time with him is a bigger priority than doing the dishes or any other task that is screaming to be done. It’s just not worth risking a birthday letdown if he’s anticipating your attention.

Other party items to take care of ahead of time include:

  • Getting a team of friends set up for food preparation or having the event catered so you don’t have a bunch of platters sitting suspiciously in the fridge.
  • Making sure you have whatever is needed for the grill (nothing is worse than finding out last minute that you’re out of fuel), as well as plenty of beverages on hand.
  • Having movie selections (or whatever quiet activity helps him unwind) ready for afterward so he has choices, along with snacks, popcorn, and his favourite drinks.

Here’s some fun marriage advice: if you have never tried using massage oils, this is a great opportunity to see if he likes it. Oils that relieve stress include lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint. Sit behind him on the couch while you’re watching your flick and rub shoulders, upper back, and neck to encourage recovery from work-related fatigue. This may seem like something out of the norm or outside his comfort zone, but try it! It’s honestly pretty fun having a few different ones to try out and decide if you like any of them. You may just discover a new tradition you both enjoy!

Now that you have a game plan, it’s time to get the party started!!

What other tips and themes would make a great surprise? Tell us what you’ve tried and how it went!