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How to Preserve (and organise) Family Photographs – because they’re Precious!

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Posted on January 30 2017

Cliche as it may sound, but pictures do paint a thousand words. For a family, photographs tell stories – from your baby’s first tooth to the first ballet recital at school, to your most recent family vacation – all those memories you’ve collected throughout the years deserve to be preserved with utmost care. However, keeping those precious memories can sometimes be a challenge in terms of how to store them. We’ve listed down a couple of home organisation ideas that will help you organise and preserve your treasured family photos.

1- Store digital copies in one place

Modern gadgets such as smartphones and tablets make it possible to capture memories in no time. If you are one of those who has tons of digital memories, you can do an inventory organisation through the use of online file storage. Most of these services are free but make sure to keep note of the storage limits. The best feature is that you can easily share your files with friends and family via the internet. You can also edit, polish, and organise your photos based on time period or event. When you’re done sorting, you can backup your photos by transferring the files to a CD or an external hard drive.

2 – Don’t forget to backup

Can you imagine the horror when you accidentally delete your photos and lose those precious memories? That’s the importance of having a backup and there are actually two good ways to make sure nothing gets lost – external hard drive or cloud storage. Using an external hard drive is a convenient way to store digital photos as they are small and compact, and can be kept inside your office drawers. On the other hand, cloud storage allows you to access your files from any device as long as you have access to the internet.

3 – Print.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a moment immortalised, displayed and enjoyed every day. You can do a bulk print and file your hard copies in boxes by date. You can also select key shots that will look beautiful in frames, or you may also opt for photo books that can be sorted by date and event. They are neat and take up less space than the traditional photo albums. When you want to relive moments, all you have to do is to pull your photo book off the shelf.

4 – Provide each family member a memory container

Pictures, as well as other important memorabilia such as your child’s first star in Kindergarten and bub’s first DIY craft in fifth grade, ought to be protected. Everyone in the family can help mum get organised by having their own memory container. Plastic bins or sturdy boxes are a great way to keep these sentimental pieces organised and neatly stored. That way, you know where to look when you want to take a walk down memory lane.

You may have to spend a day or two to organise your family photos but surely, everything will be worth it!

How about you mumsies? How do you take care of your precious pictures? Any home organisation ideas you want to share? Let us know in the comments section below!