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How to Tidy Up School Paperwork

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Posted on January 25 2017

Organising school paperwork shouldn’t be as hard as rocket science! Although it’s true that a lot of parents out there treat these as memoirs, it is still important to distinguish which ones need to be thrown away versus those intended for keepsakes. But it’s also a fact that such stuff accumulates through time, and the end result is usually not a pretty sight. The main point is to be organised whilst maintaining a sense of pride over the accomplished tasks of your child which are printed or embedded on paper. By doing so, you are assured of the fact that these special trinkets will be preserved in the years to come thus allowing you to share them with your friends and loved ones whenever you feel the need to “look back.”

Here are some helpful hints to help you get organised:

1. Collate your child’s paperwork and stack them neatly into a pile. Make sure to do so at the end of every school year. Allocate a special place on the shelves or in the cabinets for them to make it easier for you to organise.

2. Divide the papers into categories one school year at a time. Have two bins at hand since you will be using these to place the “to keep” and “to throw” piles. Keep essays, artworks, and other special assignments that you believe show your child’s strengths and talents. Discard holiday reminders and routine homework.



3. Choose the appropriate type of filing system. You can use folders, dividers, toggle boxes, and other types of storage bins for the files. For example, you may opt to use folder sleeves to divide your child’s artworks per year or per school term. You can try to get creative by designing your own paper collating folder using colorful tools such as coloured art paper, coloured markers, ribbons, and more.

4. Should there be any artwork that’s too bulky or big to put in storage, you might as well take photographs of it so as to preserve its memory.

Prior to following the above-mentioned steps, it is also important to ask your child to list down his or her favourite items from the pile. Look at it as a simple guide to help you with your decision-making skills.

Good luck and happy filing! If you want to share us your paperwork tidy tips, let us know in the comments section below!