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Ideas on How to Organise and Declutter Your Garage

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Posted on September 04 2017

Have you ever looked inside your garage and realised you have absolutely no space left to even step inside, let alone park your car? You’re not alone! Plenty of people have such littered garages that it’s already housing random insects and animals. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple, it’s because the garage is a large empty room that’s just begging for you to fill it with random stuff you can’t find a place for. Well, take advantage of that empty space and start getting organised at home by cleaning out your garage with these simple organisation ideas.


Like every work of art, organising a messy garage takes time. It cannot be done overnight (unless you’re Wonderwoman!), so allot at least a day or two for the task. Chances are you’ll be having tons of stuff that you’ll be required to look through so rushing the process is out of the question. Also, if you only free up a few hours for the task, chances are you won’t be able to finish cleaning your garage and you’ll push it back again, and eventually forget to do it completely. Don’t put it off and don’t waste your time.


If your garage is as messy as I think it is, you won’t be able to do it by yourself. If you attempt to do so, like the previous point, you won’t be able to finish it. This will result in you leaving a half-baked job which will eventually be forgotten. Lighten the load and recruit people to help you with the job. If you have a family, have them help you. If you live alone, hire people or recruit your friends and family to assist you. It’ll not only ease you of more work, it’ll make the job quicker and funnier (especially if you’re doing the job with people you enjoy being with). Follow this home organising idea and you’ll have a cleaner garage while having a great time.


Not everything in your garage is for keeps. If it’s there in the first place, it’s likely that you’ve forgotten about it, so why keep it? A great tip on decluttering would be to sort out all the stuff you have in your garage to the following categories; keep, sell, throw. “To-keeps” are those things which you usually use or are valuable enough to keep. Those in the sell pile are objects that are functional and in good condition but you haven’t used in the past year or so. Do not be a hoarder and just sell them, it’ll just collect dust in your house and someone might actually need them. Lastly, the throw pile is for those objects that you don’t use and others won’t either. Do this in a pile on the floor of your garage then sort the keep pile to larger categories like gardening, sports equipment, tools, and other categories you’d like to add.


What a waste it would be if you end up buying storage material that can’t fit in what you’re planning to store or can’t fit in the place you want to put it. Avoid this from happening by measuring the dimensions of your garage and the items you’ll be storing. This will save you time from having to go back to the hardware store to have your shelves or storage boxes replaced. Also, you can plan out where things will go during this process.


This is just something you can do if you’re feeling a little extra. If your garage is just normal concrete, a great idea would be to paint the floor of your garage. It will cover up all the dirt on the floor as well as prevent mildew from growing on it. A great tip would be to use epoxy paint because it’s very low maintenance. All spilled oil and water can be wiped with cloth like a kitchen counter.


A rule of thumb would be to avoid storing stuff on your garage floor in order to avoid having your car run over anything. A great organisation idea would be to utilise your walls and install vertical shelves and pegboards where you can store your tools and equipment. You can also make use of overhead storage materials and hooks where you can hang your bikes or your other season sports equipment you do not regularly use. Make sure to give ample space for your car and (if applicable) your garage door mechanism.


Picture this; your gardening tools and your kids’ bikes are at the inner part of the garage while your work tools and house mops are near the entrance of the garage. Doesn’t it look ridiculous?! You’ll run the risk of having your kids scratch your car while they move their bikes outside the garage. Meanwhile, you would have to go through the hassle of walking all the way to the end of your garage just to get the mop. When planning on where to store your stuff, think of ergonomics. What is ergonomics? It’s the study of making people’s working environment more efficient for them. So when storing your stuff, think of it strategically. Place the equipment you usually take out near the entrance of the garage and those that you usually use indoors.


The human memory is at times faulty, thus making you forget where you placed your keys or where you stored your snowboard during the summer. Avoid this problem by labelling your storage cabinets and boxes. It’ll save you the time from looking through all those boxes and cabinets and it’ll save you the hassle of having to put them all back together.


There are some things like paint and gas tanks, that cannot be placed under extreme conditions. If you place them in the garage where the temperature can be very hot, very cold, very dry or very moist (depending on the weather), you may end up with a very hazardous situation. Avoid this by storing these objects somewhere else, where the conditions aren’t extreme. If you can’t avoid storing them in your garage, make sure you remove them from direct sunlight or near the open areas where they can be exposed to the elements. Also, keep a fire extinguisher nearby or install a fire alarm.


Who said organising is boring? Get creative and find fun ways on how to organise your gardening tools, working tools, sports equipment, etc. There are plenty of websites out there that have great ideas on how to be creative with your organizing. Try searching for them and apply them to your garage.

These are some pretty nifty ideas, don’t you think? How about you, do you have any other organisation ideas on decluttering your garage? If you do, please comment it on the comments section below! We’d love to hear about it.