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Life Updates: Our Son’s 1st Birthday and Christening

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 17 2017

first birthday

I love planning my children’s parties even if there is a scarcity of guests since my in-laws and the entire clan live in Melbourne but it’s still great since we have a bunch of friends residing in Canberra anyway.

The essence behind throwing a spectacular party set-up for our kids at home once in a while is that Matt and I would want them to look back to their younger years in the future and say “Yeah, our parents exerted every effort just so our birthdays would feel magical. We are so loved in every way.” 

We celebrated our son Taj’s 1st birthday and Christening on my birthday (our birthdays are 5 days apart) – and what a great day it was! Matt’s parents and siblings came over as well as some of his closest friends. 

The Christening took place in the morning at our local parish and the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes – yes! 30 minutes as opposed to the traditional hour-long mass where the baptismal ceremony itself was “injected” somewhere in the middle of the service.

Of course, in every occasion, I make sure that there is a DIY item by yours truly included. I was so proud of the custom candle that I made even if the print itself started curling around the edges (should’ve taken my time with the hairdryer!) as well as the custom giveaways for our son’s godparents (who also happen to be his auntie and uncle.)

diy baptismal candle

Surprised how easy this was to make! Saved us $66!

handmade soap diy

Handmade soap-baskets for the godparents

Come mid-day, we were all back home and started prepping up for the 2nd occasion for the day – the birthday party. Yay!

Now, when you’re living in a rental unit, there’s only so much you can do in terms of decorating, but that didn’t hinder us from sticking to our Finding Nemo theme and making the place all nice for our li’l man. We decided to stick to trinkets that can be hung on the walls and ceilings using blue tac and/or washi tape which wouldn’t mess with the wall paint when taken off. 

hanging decor

Hanging decor. I used washi tape to stick the balloons and the stars to the ceiling


I ordered these wooden letters on eBay. Unfortunately, these do not stand on their own so I superglued the bottom part and used an old wooden box as a stand. I also glued a bunch of embellishments to complete the rustic look. 

Of course, what’s a birthday party without a cake? We bought this magnificent chocolate cake with Nutella cream from Gloria Cake. It was so delicious! (Candle and number not included)

 All in all, the day turned out more spectacular as we expected it to be. At the moment, I am still recuperating from a massive clean-up (haha!) but it was all worth it.

I’d like to know how you plan your child’s parties. Do you usually go overboard with your budget or do you opt for inexpensive alternatives? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

‘Til the next post!