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Lipstick Mistakes You’re Guilty of Committing

Katya Bowd

Posted on August 21 2017

Everyone has probably joined the bandwagon of ColourPop lippies and Kylie Jenner’s lipstick collection, which are understandable because lipsticks are awesome, seriously. Your lipstick is like the perfect shoes that complete your overall banging outfit. It binds your whole makeup together, making you look effortlessly fabulous. I, personally, use my lipstick as a way of looking well put together, when in reality I just literally washed my face and left the house. It’s the one thing that I can’t go out of the house without, or else I’ll end up looking like a washed out zombie the whole day. However, as important as the lipstick is, not a lot of people know how to use it perfectly. I’m one of those who are guilty of improperly applying my lipstick, and it has led to some ridiculous consequences (lipstick on your teeth during the first date, anyone?).  There are a lot of beauty tips for women posted on the internet nowadays so we’ve compiled some of the things you could possibly be doing wrong when it comes to applying your lipstick.


I’m guilty of this lippie mistake. I just slap on some lipstick then go on my merry way. This leaves the edges of my lips feathery and smudged after a while, making me look like a hot mess (or just a mess in general). Don’t belittle the effects of a lip liner because it will seriously define your lips and make them more defined and neat. However, please do not repeat the mistakes of the 90’s by applying shades too dark as compared to your lipstick. This will make you look like a clown, and you don’t want that now, do you? Pick a shade as close as humanly possible to your lipstick’s shade and reap the benefits of the lip liner. A make up tip and trick is to apply your lip liner in an ombre fashion down to the inner part of your lips, but not too much that it covers your lips. Also, put some lip liner after the lipstick for easy application.


If there’s any beauty tip for the face that I’d like you to never ever forget, it’s to keep yourself hydrated. This applies to everything. Not only will your skin look more vibrant and full, it’ll also keep your lips from chapping. We all know how messy and painful chapped lips can look and feel. Hydrate your whole body with at least 2 liters of water intake everyday. You can also get some of this water from fluid drinks and the produce you eat, Drink plenty of water and hydrate your whole body, not just your lips.


Your lips will not look good if bumps of dead skin are protruding from it. When you apply some lipstick on your lips without exfoliating, it’s going to look like a wall that’s been painted over before the uneven parts were filed, patchy and ugly. A practical beauty tip for women who do not want to get tedious with buying those lips exfoliating creams or make those homemade lips exfoliating substances is to get some lip balm and scotch tape, wind the scotch tape around your finger and use it to remove the dead skin on your lips, like removing hair from the floor. You’ll notice that when you start doing this, your lips will look smoother and more even with lipstick on.


When you see those models and celebrities putting on those deep red lipsticks, you’ll be tempted to copy them and buy some for yourself. Eventually, when you apply that shade, it would actually look awful on you. Do not fall for those marketing pictures, all shades of lipstick look different on different undertones. Some people have pink undertones, and lipsticks with blue-ish undertones work best. Dark skinned people are not suited for light nude shades. Those with olive skin can pull off most shades and those with yellow undertones look great in warmer colors.


Matte lipsticks tend to make your lips look thinner while glossy lipsticks make them look bigger and fuller. This is because when you put on glossy lipsticks, the gloss reflects light, mimicking a balloon. This makes your lips more plump. A simple makeup tip for girls with thin lips is to stay away from mattes and dull colored lipsticks because their lips will look even more thin than they already are.


When applying liquid lipstick, you do not need more than one layer, they’ll look the same either way. The only thing you’re doing is wasting perfectly good lipstick, and making your lips look cakey and prone to cracking. You’ll also end up leaving gross lipstick stains on your drinking glass. There’s also a risk of you getting some of your lipstick on your teeth, which is an unsightly thing to see. A simple beauty tip for women after applying their lipstick is to place their finger between their lips then lightly pursing their lips around their finger. This will remove residual lipstick that could have gotten into the inner part of their lips. When you do this, you’ll avoid that embarrassing lipstick-on-teeth scenario.


Your makeup isn’t like your painting palette. You can’t mix two shades together to achieve the shade you want. This will contaminate your lipstick with other shades. Don’t keep adding on different shades of lipstick at one time. You’re wasting your lipstick and destroying them in the process. Stick to one lipstick and lip liner and you’ll look great, or just buy the shade of lipstick you want.

Do you have any other tips with regards to keeping your lips looking fun, fresh, and fab? If yes, please hit us up on the comments section below!  We’d love to hear from you.