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Making the Most out of your Fairy Dust Rose Gold Planner

Katya Bowd

Posted on July 16 2018

Making the most out of your Rose Gold Planner

If you need something a little gorgeous and fun to use for keeping your days and weeks running smoothly, look no further. Our Fairy Dust Rose Gold Planner has a little bit of everything! Take charge of your day with the ultimate planner for entrepreneurial mums.

This beauty comes in a binder with a lovely texture and color. Every part of this planner is created with you in mind. It incorporates the fundamentals of successful time management in an easy-to-use format, complete with delightful, illustrated pages to help you stay motivated and focused.

The most important tip for getting started with your planner is to set aside one day a month for getting it up-to-date. Let's face it, entropy happens. You realise it's been a month since you looked at your planner, and now you don't remember what you had in mind to accomplish (and whether or not it happened). Plan for a monthly one-hour “planner date” in which you prepare your planner to be a relevant and useful tool.

When you have decided what day and time your weekly scheduling rendezvous will be, make a reminder for yourself somewhere - on your phone, on your fridge, etc. Writing it in your planner makes sense for helping you continue the habit, but it's not going be enough to help you build the habit in the first place.

In addition to your weekly endeavor to keep life and your planner synced, also set aside 5 minutes at the same time each morning to look over your schedule and your goals. This is the number one way to make sure your inserts are effective - each section needs to be part of your daily ritual. That's why the pages are decorated with beautiful designs and inspiring thoughts - to keep you coming back to your Rose Gold Planner every morning and throughout the day.

To help the design really work for you, implement a system for going through the 6 tabbed sections: Monthly Calendar, Weekly to-do’s, Home and Family, Work, Notes, and Personal. Don't fill in the monthly calendar and then call it good! Think of the monthly section as the starting point - the skeleton of your schedule. The weekly section will be where you flesh out events AND schedule regular time blocks for plowing through your to-do list. In the Home and Family section, you’ll find an organised place for all of the important information you may need at your fingertips to keep everything running smoothly.

With all of this in place, really take some time in the beginning to figure out the direction you want to go over the coming year. What goals do you have for organizing your home? Do you have a list of activities you want to enjoy as a family this year? Take these ideas and get them on paper in the personal section. Get them out of your head; having them written down makes it easier to visualise them into becoming reality. Doing, rather than just dreaming, starts with actually making a plan!

In the Notes section, there is room to record interesting ideas, to reflect and be grateful, to think and dream. Give yourself some psychological breathing room by unloading your thoughts in these pages. Create a routine of jotting down an inspiring idea every day or something you want to commit to memory. Or keep this space of your mum planner free for brainstorming sessions when you’re in the mood to do something creative or try something new!

You've entered your monthly obligations and upcoming events, filled out your weekly schedule and task lists, and you've begun creating a bucket list of home and family goals. If you have a home-based business, the Work section is going to become your best friend. Obviously, family needs have to come first. But the entrepreneurial mum will also want a place to maintain a system for integrating her business plans and her endeavors to manage the home.

Fill in your blog post organisation pages, schedule YouTube videos, map out your goals and business needs - all in one place. For busy mums working from home, there is no easier way to keep yourself motivated, on task, and focused on your long-term goals. For maximizing your productivity, using a planner that you love makes all the difference in the world, and the design of these planner inserts streamline the process tremendously.

Everything in this planner is designed to help the different aspects of your life work together more optimally - to help you streamline your processes both in management of the home and in running your business. Every mum dreams of having a week without missed appointments or projects getting behind. But attempting to do so “on the fly” without a structured approach is, honestly, one of the biggest triggers for mum guilt.

There is never going to be enough of you to go around if you aren’t carefully budgeting your time, prioritising your workload, and keeping perspective on what’s really important in your life. Give yourself permission to grab some tools that will help you rock your trade as a mother! Go all out with some stylish planner accessories to make it yours, and have some fun putting everything together.

Sometimes it feels like taking time to do all of this is superfluous, but it’s really not. Plans always need to be somewhat flexible - life happens, and using a planner is not an invitation to go crazy over perfectionism. But the very act of sitting down, being intentional about how you want to use your time is the very thing that will help you use your time more wisely. Just like putting a budget down on paper, it forces you to think about how you actually spend your money. In the same sense, using a planner and making a schedule forces you to become more aware of how you spend your time.

So use this tool with pride, knowing that not only are you taking control of your calendar, you’re also setting an example for your children of proper time-management. Your mindfulness of how the month should go will prevent overbooking with activities that aren’t really in line with your goals, saving your family from giving up precious time for unimportant endeavors. Your creative time-blocking for the days and weeks will show you where your family (and your business) are flourishing - and where you could add in experiences that will be enriching or helpful. You’ll create a legacy of being less stressed, enjoying life more, and still getting more done - all because you planned ahead. How awesome is that?

What other ways can you share about making the most of your Rose Gold Planner? We’d love to hear about it below!