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My 2018 Home Office Desk Set-Up!

Katya Bowd

Posted on January 04 2018

Hi, lovelies!

A couple of days ago, I posted a photo of my new home office desk set up in one of the planner groups and got an overwhelming amount of feedback (thanks to those who gave it lots of love, thumbs ups, and comments! Woohoo!)

Since I’ve gotten heaps of questions about where I got certain bits and pieces of my work desk set up from, I was inspired to take a bunch of photos and create a short desk-tour video featuring snippets of my not-so-tidy home office as well. For transparency’s sake, I am baring some of the not-so-pretty areas in my office haha (it’s still a work-in-progress, though!)




As you can see, my home office also functions as our stock room where all our planners, tools, and my craft materials are situated in. So really, there’s very limited breathing room. But as they say, make/find your space. And so I did.

To be honest, my desk organisation has been long overdue. I might have procrastinated “a little” given that last year was a HUUUUGE year for our family and the business. Fortunately, I gathered all the motivation that I could muster along with new pieces of furniture to complete the look just in time for 2018.

We got the table from IKEA when we moved to Australia in 2016. It is called a Bekant desk in Birch Veneer We have the sit-and-stand version as well but use it as a place for our printer and cutting machines.

desk set upbekant desk
The drawer is also from IKEA. It is the Alex drawer which is obviously popular given its elegant look and functionality. I have a confession. I actually cheated a bit on this part. Initially, I thought that it would fit perfectly under the Bekant, but after building it, I realised that it was a couple of centimetres taller! It was too wide on the sides to function as a corner shelf, so I did what any desperate furniture junkie would do. I carried my table on top of it then placed stacks of small wooden panels underneath the right leg so it stands evenly :D I am thinking of getting another Alex drawer for my birthday. I could definitely use the extra storage! *cough*cough*

Another IKEA item (and the most asked about) is this gorgeous Skruvsta swivel desk chair, which I believe, completes the look and adds personality to the entire room. Set up basically took less than 10 minutes! It’s very comfy and I just love it!

I am using the Skurar white plant pot as my pen holder I’ve seen a lot of people use it as pen storage and instantly fell in love with the concept.

ikea pen holder

I got the gorgeous White Metal Lamp at KMart  at $12! I like how it looks so classy and cohesive with the other white-coloured elements on my desk

kmart lamp

For this year, I am using our very own Mumsy & Bub Planner in Periwinkle (as purple is the Pantone colour of the year and I’d like to get into the trend!) We’ll be running a promo on this one so stay tuned!

mum planner
I have been eyeing this pegboard from KMart ever since I saw someone’s pegboard set up in the planning group.

I chose to just let it stand against the wall as opposed to mounting it. I think it looks classier that way (although hanging it would give me that extra space!)

kmart peg board

The pegs and the wooden panels are quite sturdy and I love how I can add heavy items on each one without any of the boards or ornaments falling off.

Pegboard ornaments:
1st Level
The silver elephant was my husband’s gift to his grandmother. When she passed away, it was handed down to him. I think of it as a lucky charm and has now earned its spot at the top of the board :) Next to it is a candle by The Little Flame Co. in Champagne Strawberries which I got in my goodie bag during the Creative Planning Workshop in Canberra last year. There’s also a fake succulent that I got from The Reject Shop.

2nd Level
The light box was gifted to me by my brother-in-law last Christmas. I added a purple crystal on the side to keep it from falling over (just-in-case!)

3rd Level
The mint picture frame was given to me by my sister-in-law and I just added a gold foiled quote card that says “Smile Sparkle Shine.” Next to it is a small white crystal that we got at one of the handmade markets, a pair of scissors from Spotlight, and another faux flower pot decor from The Reject Shop.

desk set up 2018

4th Level
This section holds some of my heavier items such as a mini-crate that contains a bunch of traveller’s notebooks and miscellaneous items. I’ve also placed an A5 KMart notepad on the right side for easy access in case I need to jot down something real quick. In the middle, I just added another faux succulent and a text decor that says “Dream”

Under the pegboard, I have 3 clear jars that I use as storage for paperclips, binder clips, and washi tape.

desk set up 2018

Another KMart novelty is the mini hanging wall shelf that I stuck to the side of the shelf next to my table. I used an adhesive cord holder to hold it. I just use this tiny additional space to carry personal items such as lip balms, hair ties, and hand sanitiser.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

If you’d also like to see more organisation videos, feel free to throw in your suggestions in the comments section below!

Thanks again!