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Nursery Essential Design Tips for Your Little One

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Posted on October 11 2017

Preparing for your little bun in the oven is an exciting experience. One of the things every parent must do before their baby arrives is to prepare a little nest for them. This little nest is the nursery. When setting up the nursery, you must take into consideration a few things; comfort, accessibility, and style. In this article, we’ll be discussing the essentials needed in your baby’s room and some tips on how to organise the nursery.


Probably the most important item on your list of things to buy is your baby’s crib. Even if you’re the type of family who likes having their baby sleep between his/her parents, eventually they’ll need to be weaned off from you and have their own place to sleep in. Don’t bother making a DIY crib as an experimental project for your baby because nowadays, cribs are made based on certain safety precautionary measures; this also means refurbishing your childhood crib is not advisable. Buy a crib that’s timeless and suits your style. You can even get one of those cribs that can be converted into a baby bed once your baby has outgrown the crib. Invest in a good and sturdy crib now so that when you decide to expand your brood, you can reuse them.


This chair is not only for your baby, it’s for you as well. This magical wonder throne is what you’ll be sitting on most of the time when you’re with your baby. It needs to be comfortable enough for both of you (especially at 3 am in the morning when your baby cries you to oblivion). It has to have enough elbow room for you or your husband with a baby cradled in your arms. Armrests are advisable so you can rest your arms while carrying your baby. The rocking motion will help lull your baby to sleep so you won’t have to exert so much effort rocking back and forth. Acquire a chair that is easy to clean because it will encounter all kinds of dirt and vomit. A great organisation idea for your nursery would be to place the shelves with the baby essentials near the rocking chair since you wouldn’t want to disturb your sleeping baby by standing up and walking on the other side of the room just to get a nappy.


Speaking of shelves, storage is essential for your baby room. Who would’ve thought a person that small would have so much stuff, but you’d be surprised. From the diapers, baby milk, clothes, bibs, toys, baby cream, powder, etcetera, these boss babies sure have a lot of things. Don’t let it clutter the nursery by assembling shelves that are far from your baby’s reach. Trust me, you don’t want to see milk, baby powder, and lotion on the floor mixed together; it’s a hassle to clean up. An organising tip for you, supermoms, is to use baskets to sort out toys from other essentials like wipes and nappies. This is so you know where each item is and you won’t have to scour around the room.


It’s easier for humans to sleep and feel rejuvenated when surrounded by total darkness. This is why during your baby’s nap time in the afternoon, curtains are crucial to keep the sun rays away. When choosing curtains for your baby, use those blackout types that really block out the sun, making it cosier for your baby while he or she sleeps.


Unlike you, your baby can’t walk to the bathroom and poop by himself (unless, he’s already potty trained), so most likely you’ll be needing a diaper changing station in your nursery. Be sure that when you get one, it’s perfect for your height so it won’t be hard for you to navigate while changing your child’s nappy. To save space, you can make a DIY changing station cover for your drawers so that when your baby is already potty trained, you can remove it and use the drawer surface for other stuff.


You don’t sleep on a bare mattress, and neither should your baby. It’s unhygienic and uncomfortable. A great suggestion for your baby room would be to have 6 bed sheets ready for the crib. You have no idea how many times accidental pee, milk or poop stains end up on your baby’s bed sheets every day. At least if you have that much bed sheets, you won’t have to keep washing the same ones over and over again. Also, be sure to buy only pure cotton sheets to save your baby from allergies and other irritants that may bother him or her. Buy them in all types of design that suits your style. As much as possible, try going for gender neutral patterns because if you’re going to have another baby, you can use these sheets again in the future.


This is one aspect of your baby’s room that you can go crazy with; so get creative! Decorate the room in soothing colors that won’t be an eyesore for your kid in the future. You can print out and frame quotes and baby pictures then put them up on the wall or clip them using some homemade twine and fancy clothes clips (those cute wooden ones). Be sure though to make the room fit your child even as he or she gets older because most likely that room will end up being their room once they grow up. Save yourself the hassle of painting over bunnies on the wall by just painting the nursery in a solid color then add accents like posters or artwork to make it look cute (just like your baby). Painting the walls in blues and pinks is alright but try going for gender neutral colors so that your baby room won’t be the typical ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ room. In all of this, always remember to stick to your personal style and do what feels right for you.

Do you have other tips and organising ideas for baby nurseries? Let us know in the comments section below!