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Organise Your Family Life With a Central Command Centre

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Posted on October 06 2017

Organising your family is like planning for a battle. You need to keep track of all events and possible setbacks that might happen along the way – missed bills, parent-teacher meetings, overdue receipts, and your kid’s next recital. How can you keep track of all these without going ballistic? If you’re an organised person and keeps a planner, how can you educate your family to keep track of their chore schedule, grocery list, and key placements along with you? It takes the whole team to succeed so each member of your household should also be reminded of their tasks, deadlines, and family schedules. What a great home organising idea would it be to have a family command centre where you can find everything your family needs? This is a great way of decluttering your family’s life. Here are a few tips on how to start making your central command center.


Before you start getting organised at home and shop for shelves, filing storage, and boards to start on creating your central command centre, you must first know where you’re going to put it. It would be a shame if you’ve already bought a shelve for your command center only to find out that it doesn’t fit the area where you will be placing it. In choosing the perfect space for your command centre, you must first position it where everyone in your family can notice right away. It should also be accessible even to your youngest child. Choose one either near the kitchen or in the family rooms so you’re sure no one will miss it.


If you have school slips and reminders at home, mail that’s addressed to your husband, bills that need to be paid, or receipts and coupons that you still need to use for future reference, then you need a filling mechanism where your family members can insert papers lying around the house. A great way to be organised at home, especially if you’re a big family with a lot of files to sort, is to create a filing system where all folders or binders are labelled based on your kids’ files, your husband’s files, your personal files as well as receipts, coupons, and bills. You can get creative with it, like putting some cute plastic envelopes on the walls with the labels, or sorted out in colour-coordinated folders.


These cubby holes and bag hangers are a perfect place for your kids’ school bags. If you do not allot a space for them, they’ll end up littering your home floor. If you don’t want to trip all over school bags and satchels on your way to your kitchen or bedroom then install these bag hangers and cubby holes in your central command centre in order to have a proper space for them.


One of the things that usually gets lost in our household are our keys! They’re small and inconspicuous that’s why they’re prone to being misplaced all over the house. I once found my car keys inside the refrigerator! A great way to prevent your keys from getting lost is by installing key hooks in your central command centre. It’s a perfect place to keep your keys when not in use. Label the key hooks based on what keys should be hanging there in order to know right away if keys to a certain car are missing.


Even though the advent of smartphones has lessened the importance of wristwatches and home clocks, it’s still important to have a wall clock around the house to sync everyone’s time. Choose a hand clock instead of a digital one in order to teach your kids how to properly read time. What’s a better way to display your wallclock than in a place where everyone goes, a.k.a the central command centre. You can even make your wall clock a decorative piece in your command centre.


A great organisation tip for your home would be to install a calendar in your central command centre. You can assign specific colour pens to members of your family so that you know what events are happening for each family member. This will be a great way to keep track on your kids’ recitals, PTA meetings, and other important events.


Putting a board where you can add reminders and grocery lists is a great way of enhancing your family’s productivity. That way, you won’t have to miss a deadline when it comes to your bills or forget to shop for something in the grocery.


Scheduling certain chores for each one in certain days of the week is a good way of keeping track on what chores need to be reassigned to someone else. Don’t let one of your kids be the one always assigned to mowing the lawn or doing the dishes, because some jobs are more tedious than others. Delegate the jobs equally and schedule them on your chore board. Put this chore board in your central command centre so that everyone is reminded of what they should be doing around the house.

9. DECOR  

The last but certainly not the least would be the decoration! Put up some inspirational quotes or decorative pieces to make your command centre pleasing to look at. If everyone in your house will be spending a lot of time checking up on this small space, might as well decorate it. Get creative and jazz up this space and you’ll have a functional and cute central command centre for your house.

Here are just some of the essential elements of every central command centre. Check out great samples online to get an idea of what you would want yours to look like. If you want to clarify some stuff or add some thoughts to this article, feel free to comment below.