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Organise Your Home - Use Lazy Susan In These 5 Areas - Pronto!

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Posted on June 25 2018

Use Lazy Susan

Have you ever wondered why Elizabeth Howell called such an iconic invention lazy when in fact it's one of the most versatile and functional instrument ever? Though the concept is understandable for a rotating tray - an inanimate object that does the work of a serving maid in an entirely passive sense - thus lazy but, considering its purpose and the long list of things that you can do with it, you might as well call it prolific susan, yes?

Kidding aside, if you're an organisation junkie who's constantly on the lookout for home organisation ideas, you can't NOT include this tool in your list of favourites.

Let's see how we can make the most out of our kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and small spaces with the help of this spinning wonder.

The Fridge

Lazy Susan doesn't just belong on top of the dining table or on the shelf in the corner of your panty; it should have a place right inside your fridge as well. Place heavy jars of pickles, jams, sour cream, mayonnaise, and the likes on it instead of lugging them in the back corner. It's a neat solution for a more organised refrigerator.


Specifically the upper cabinets. Let's face it, how many times did we actually wonder what to do with the top shelves in our cabinets? If you're on the shorter side, chances are, those parts will end up totally unused and empty. Utilise it instead and place a lazy susan on it just before you put those ketchup bottles and other condiments. This way, you can spin items to the front and reach them with ease.

Use Lazy Susan

Vanity Corner

Ah, the love and hate relationship we have with our vanity corner! Whether you're a makeup junkie or a nail polish lover, using a lazy susan is a great home organisation idea to keep this area neat and pretty. Having a rotating organiser that lets you admire your precious collection of lippies or nail polishes is just perfect!

Craft Area

Are you into planning, journalling, or scrapbooking, and still searching for the perfect desk organiser? Lazy susan could be your unicorn! The great thing about this turntable is that you can practically use it for just about anything including your kids' homework station.

The fun part? You can glam it up!

To give your lazy susan a personal touch, simply gather the necessary materials such as mason jars of varying sizes, 1 larger jar or cylindrical container, scissors, ruler, pencil, washi tapes, adhesives, and a variety of school or craft supplies like pens, markers, crayons, stickers, ribbons, etc.

First, you have to make sure that the surface of the lazy susan and the bottoms of each container are dry and clean.  Once ready, use a ruler to measure 6 (or depending on the number of mason jars you have) triangular sections and mark the lines with a pencil. Make sure they're all of the same size so it's not awkward.  Follow the line as a guide and stick your choice of washi tape to divide the sections. You can use different washi tapes or keep it uniform, it's up to you as long as you keep the line straight and cut the washi tape for a more polished look.

Once your layout is ready, place one jar towards the edge of the section while saving the middle part for the largest container. Decorate the jars by removing both the metal band and the lid off from the jar. Discard the lid and continue decorating the band by putting washi tapes of different colours and designs all the way around the exterior of its mouth. You wouldn't want to see those crease so gently smooth it with your fingers as you go along. Instead of overlapping it, cut the tape for a cleaner look. Go for bold colours, glitter, or anything that'll make that turntable extra.

Repeat the process to the rest of the containers and put them securely in place using a trusty adhesive.  That's it, you can now fill the containers with your craft and/or school supplies to keep them accessible and organised.

Coffee Station

Those cute mugs deserve a nice station so it's ready anytime you want a cup of your favourite joe. This is such an easy home organising idea any coffeeholic would love to try! To start, simply paint both the lazy susan and an old mug tree with white spray paint. Decoupage a piece of craft of decorative paper to the surface of the lazy susan using a Modge Podge. Choose the design that goes well with the colours of your mugs for a more cohesive look. Hang your mugs on the mug tree and add your creamer and sugar on it for a fancy-looking and organised coffee station.  

There you have it! Please let us know once you're able to try any of these home organisation ideas using lazy susan or if you've tried something else, feel free to share in the comment section below.