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Our Planners are Now Available

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Posted on July 21 2017

Hi there!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Mumsy & Bub Mum Planners – now available on the website.

Our mum planners come in 5 gorgeous designs:

Fairy DustWho doesn’t want a sprinkle of fairy dust to add some magic to your day?

Hot MummaBecause an organised mumma is one hot mumma!

PrincessFor the princess in you…

TealiciousCelebrate your love of teal while getting organised.

PeriwinkleFor those who love understated elegance.

The planner features 6 unique sections:

  1.  A non-dated monthly calendar
  2. Week-by-week pages
  3. A Personal corner where you can jot down your bucket list, books to read, movies to watch, favourite restaurants, contacts, goals, and so much more. Don’t forget, us mums need our time too!
  4. Home and Family section. It’s where you can record important dates and upcoming appointments. There’s also a space where you can write down your favourite recipes, meals for the week, project and vacation ideas, track your expenses, and a lot more.
  5. Work Section. Keep track of your passwords, quick to-dos, and favorite websites all in one place. For mums who work online, we’ve provided special pages for your content calendars and social media activities to help you manage tasks easily.
  6. Notes Section. A generous amount of space can be found in the notes section allowing you to scribble down your musings or any additional information.

Planner Specifications:

1) A5 size h 23.5cm w 18.5cm d 4cm

2) Layout specifically designed for mum

3) Design: Each page contains beautiful, coloured illustrations to make journaling more lively and fun.

4) Plastic envelope at the end to hold sticky notes, receipts, and other reminders.

5) Durable 6-ringed nylon cover with interior pockets

6) Stud enclosure

7) Elastic pen holder

8) Plastic envelope insert

If you’re a planner junkie, this could be your new favourite. If you’re a planner newbie, we guarantee you that our Mumsy & Bub Mum Planners are more than just putting your thoughts into paper. It’s a journey – and what a worthwhile journey it’s going to be!

Take a glimpse of our mum planners HERE

Get yours today and receive a 10% off on your next order. And did we mention that shipping is FREE to anywhere in Australia?  :)