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Our Shoe Mess Problem - Solved!

Katya Bowd

Posted on March 05 2018

Ahh.. Shoe racks! Aren’t they great in keeping shoes organised? Well, not when there are tots around!

For months, I have had to pick up and organise shoes every 10 minutes or so on our vintage shoe rack which was “perfectly” situated next to the main entrance. For some reason, my 22-month old son is just compelled to throw our shoes in all directions every time he walks past the rack. He’s even treated it as his own personal stage. It was just chaotic and walking in the entrance literally felt like walking on shard glass.

Here’s the cheeky little bugga caught in the act!

And now, here’s our good ‘ol battered-to-the-core shoe rack that now sits out in the garage holding some of Matt and Kaela’s planting tools.  Lovely dent on the top, isn’t it?!

Anyway, I told Matt sometime in January during one of my cleaning sprees that I have had enough! I needed to find an efficient yet safe way to keep the shoes organised and away from my tot’s little hands.

Naturally, we turned to good ‘ol Kmart for our storage needs.
We bought two of these Storage Box with Bamboo Lid Shelf.

One for the kids and one for myself and Matt. I also placed these bungee cords on top of each lid and secured them underneath each horizontal panel from the back to the front.

Now, we have a hallway that is neat and free from the “shoe situation!” It’s also tall enough for Taj to climb on and sturdy enough to withstand his 18-kg frame in case he figures out a way. (Hope not!)

Does the shoe-throwing urge by your tot happens in your home? How did you solve this? Let me know in the comments section below!